A Taciturn Girl Big


Yes exactly, that’s what she says! Introducing A Taciturn Girl Big, by Toysheart!

After the release of A Taciturn Girl, Toysheart went back to the sketchboard and designed a larger onahole, optimizing the internal structures, and using their Fine Cross material.


No more outside in a skirt and sweater: for this version, Toysheart picked the drawing of a girl in a nightgown, kneeled on the bed, but still as (not) talkative as ever.


Inside the box, you’ll find the usual plastic tray holding safely the toy, and a sample of “Moisty” water-based lubricant, allowing for about 2 comfortable uses.


A Taciturn Girl Big is a closed-end single layer onahole, made in Toysheart’s Fine Cross TPE material. Right out of the box, it has hardly any smell.

Here’s a side-by-side comparison with A Taciturn Girl:


This onahole’s insides feature a short entrance area, followed by two firmly hugging bumps, then leading to a section with ribs, and ending with a “cervix” entrance to an “uterus” with nubs.

The passage through the “cervix” can definitively be felt, and overall this onahole is pretty tight! There’s also some suction going on, making it wrap tightly around the shaft.

Compared to A Taciturn Girl, the Big one offers way more space inside allowing a deeper insertion, while not sacrificing on tightness (in fact, being way tighter). The intensity of the sensations are not over-the-top, it’s a well balanced experience from the entrance to the cervix, the cervix passage being more of a gimmick than anything else (yet somewhat useful to collect the sperm, so it doesn’t spill all over the place).

I end up pretty satisfied of my fap sessions with A Taciturn Girl Big, not to the point of making me gasp in sweet agony, but it gets the job done.


Since it’s a single-layer onahole, there’s no fear to simply turn it inside-out for efficient cleaning. Wash away the remnants, soap it up nice and good, rinse well, pat dry with a cloth, turn it back in it’s usual shape, and let it rest a while to fully dry it.

Additionally, you can spray disinfectant inside and apply baby powder on the external surface for extra smoothness.


While not mind-blowing, Toysheart still managed to do a quite good toy, a tad on the expensive side perhaps even for a toy made in Japan.

I’m slightly less into the girl in nightgown than in a more “schoolgirlish” outfit, but the “sweetness with few words spoken” is something I can well identify with. The “adorably horny” situation, fidgeting with the hair and shyly blushing. In other words: UwU

Toysheart knows how to do tight yet usable toys, and A Taciturn Girl Big demonstrates once more that some squeeze leads to a different kind of fun, that conflict between the energy to slide inside and the itch to take things slow to fully enjoy the structures. Not bad!

A Taciturn Girl Big
  • 7/10
    Appearance - 7/10
  • 8.3/10
    Sensations - 8.3/10
  • 6.7/10
    Price - 6.7/10


+ tight!
+ cute girl on the box
+ high quality material
– price tad high
User Review
9/10 (2 votes)

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9 Replies to “A Taciturn Girl Big”

  1. Been fancy to get a uterus onahole, especially the one that u can poke through the cervix type into the uterus. However not sure which one to get and what is the best. In addition, also looking for a early clean up, capable to turning inside out for easy cleaning. Which ones will u guys recommend?

    1. I started tagging all toys that have a cervix-like structure, and figured out there’s many and it’s not always clear if it can count as “cervix” or simply a shaped entrance of a vacuum chamber.

      Anyway. I can mention Yandere, Tight Innocent Pussy, R-20, Seducing Witch, …

  2. Hey, I was wondering how this would fare for someone who is pretty well-endowed. I mean, obviously it says “big,” but the comments about tightness kinda concern me. I bought my first onahole like, 2-3 days ago without giving much thought to which one, and picked up Virgin Age Admission off Amazon, cause hey, 20$ ain’t bad. It works, but I failed to account my size (~7 and half inches + it’s a bit thick) so it’s actually a bit painful to use (sometimes more than “a bit”). I figured the best option was to upgrade, but I don’t exactly have the cash to go testing every onahole out there. If not this one, do you have one you’d suggest?

    1. With a total length of 19cm ‘R-20’ from Toys Heart is the biggest i can think of right now. It’s one of the most recommended onaholes for guys with bigger members. Also the Taimanin Shiranui Mizuki Youen Miboujin from PPP with 18cm comes to mind.

      1. Other Onaholes appropriate for you should be the Plump Real although that one is a bit pricey for its size and weight and availability is limited. Regarding Onahips the Measuring the Girl’s Growth is a bit wider so especially suited for thick snakes. Both are from Toys Heart and have a total lenght of 18cm.

  3. Nice One, had an eye on it for a while. Hope Otonajp gets them in Stock for their european shop soon.
    How is the suction compared to Witch’s Temptation? That’s the only onahole i own right now(my first one) and for my standards compared to a Fleshlight the suction is quite nice.

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