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Hello folks, today let’s talk about the NLS Original Masturbator !


Quick note: on NLS’ Japanese website, this onahole is named “Mada namae ga arimasen” → “Doesn’t have a name yet”. This is a bit odd since this onahole was released in October 2009… still no name ?! “NLS Original Masturbator” is perfectly fine I guess,  “NLS 最初の オナホ” → “NLS saisho no onaho” (NLS’ first onahole)

As said, this onahole isn’t exactly new. NLS original masturbator was created as a collaboration between NLS and ToysHeart. It only takes a single look to see the similarities between NLS original masturbator and ToysHeart’s Seventeen:


The outer design and general processing is exactly matching, a dual layer toy with a see-through external layer so you can watch in awe as your penis expands the inner layer in a pretty interesting visual effect. Yet, the internal structures are totally different:


While Seventeen had smooth structures with only waves giving some sensations, NLS original masturbator bullies your dick with a bulge near the entrance, venous waves in the middle, and a much bigger vacuum chamber. The result is really nice, yet not crazy intense.


With 17.5cm in length and 302g in weight, this onahole fits most average dicks. Should it not be enough, the onahole’s stretchiness makes everyone comfy.



The most noticeable part of this onahole is that “G-spot” bulge: it tightens pretty much and clamps down on you, this + the vacuum makes it like the onahole grips hard and won’t let you go that easily. While the middle looks a bit like Love Girl‘s, the multiple waves make it more intense and closer to what Seventeen Bordeaux feels like.

Although this onahole is an “oldie” in the market, I’m nicely surprised how it’s still perfectly relevant. Material-wise yes the outer layer is a jelly-like ToysHeart doesn’t do anymore, but it’s only slightly sticky. While it’s stretchable and can be turned inside-out for easier cleaning, I wouldn’t recommend it since it will separate the dual layers. To clean, you can use your thumbs to stretch the opening and rub inside under tap water.

So, what came with it ? Well..


White box, a silver tube of lube. At least, customs wouldn’t seize it for lewd illustrations…

NLS original masturbator was their only collab with ToysHeart, all their other designs were made in collab with Rends, MATE or Ride Japan. While it doesn’t justify an order by itself anymore, it may still be picked as “extra” when ordering other stuff. Or, say, entry door to the world of onaholes for those who hate anime girl illustrations.


NLS Original Masturbator
  • 6/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 6/10
  • 4.5/10
    Materials and cleaning - 4.5/10
  • 2/10
    Packaging and addons - 2/10
  • 4/10
    Price - 4/10


An “oldie” that feels nice, but outdated material and… no illustrations ?

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