Secret Twin Tales 2

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Secret Twin Tales 2

After the popular Secret Twin Tales, Tokyo Libido aka N.P.G had to come back with new twins.

Pink haired ? I’m okay with this.


As expected, the packaging is quite impressive:

  • storage bag (cheap plastic, again)
  • lube bottle with “pipe” (that one is great)
  • powder bottle
  • a pantsu
  • a lewd poster and (uninteresting) gift card

The joyful is Nina, the shy is Mina. Posters and package can be put side-by-side, always a good trick to get more money from collectors.


(on the picture on the side, they seem pretty dirty -on the poster they aren’t)

Who cares anyway, you’re on Onahole Review, not Lolicon-drawing Review.


As you can see, the “Nina” version has the legs totally apart, while Mina has them a little bit closed.


(on the left is Nina, on the right is Mina)

Dual layers, classic structures of “lifelike” type (maybe), … the internals clearly don’t open new worlds and are usually found with Magic Eyes -who does better material. I’m quite disappointed because it’s too flabby, barely no suction at all, weak stimulation, weak tightness. And let me show you something:


You know, for an onahole to tear apart like this right at the first time and getting much worse at the second, there’s only one likely outcome:


Mmmmh, still water inside ♥  *throws quickly in waste bin*

Ok folks, that was Nina. Let’s wait for Secret Twin Tales 3…  or maybe not.

Secret Twin Tales 2
  • 5/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 5/10
  • 1/10
    Materials and cleaning - 1/10
  • 10/10
    Packaging and addons - 10/10
  • 3.5/10
    Price - 3.5/10


Comes with plenty of stuff, but is still bad

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3 Replies to “Secret Twin Tales 2”

  1. I got the same kind of problem with my Secret Twin Tales, the vagina’s entrance tear aprt at the bottom right corner. There’s nothing to do ? I only used it twiced and I clearly won’t throw it away because it’s one of my very first onahole…

  2. Ugh, glad I didn’t bought it… Though, the posters are nice. Does this happen to have some downloads as well (like the previous version)?

  3. Lol, I have the same onahole and it broke at the same place, not as much as yours, probably because my penis is not as big… this onahole was definetly a waste, i still use it, but meh… the internal structures are tight, but soft, and no ribs or anything, it is just bad, I do not recommend it to anyone.. also cleaning it’s a pain in the ass. Buy Secret Twin Tales 1 instead, that one is pretty good, it also broke, but the feeling it’s still good.

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