Maid in Fella

“My mouth ? Sure yes, goshujinsama !”, as your maid bends forward and welcomes you in her wet mouth. ToysHeart with a fellatio-onahole for all masters out there, and provided by NLS !


Maids. A traditional fantasy in otaku culture and the main theme of hundreds (thousands ?) meidocafes in Japan where you can enjoy overpriced food served by kawaii teenagers and early tweens wearing maid costumes, calling you “master”, writing “I love you” with ketchup on your rice and eggs, and also help you to eat. Maid and waitress costumes have their very own category on NLS, so you can have fun with your loved ones or your someone special or your doll or yourself, everything is possible πŸ™‚

Even if I don’t count maids in my main fetishes right now, I do fully understand the fun behind feeling like a powerful landlord served by his/her maids and butlers, or feeling like serving that powerful person and making their life easy by taking up all the house tasks and their every need. And sometimes master is a pervert, like in Kore ga Watashi no Goshujin-sama. Who’s gonna give master the sexual relief he needs ? Sure, the maid !


She sure seems experienced, revealing her boobs and opening her mouth for you without shame or hesitation. Good maid ! Help me down there while I watch TV smoking a cigar.

Good morning master, oh ! Please let me help out with that morning wood, here, use my mouth please
Good morning master, oh ! Please let me help out with that morning wood, here, use my mouth for that big hard cock of yours <3

Moving on, content !


Plastic container, plastic sealing, bottle of Moisty Massage Lotionβ„’. Not much to say that far, enough lube for 2-3 uses (it takes some more lube to cover all the inside, so it’s real slippery and mouthlike).


The onahole ! Wow wow stop right here, dΓ©jΓ -vu. It looks furiously like Fera Zoma, my very first mouth-onahole ! On the outside, at least !


They refreshed the concept πŸ™‚ And.. inside ?


Yeah no, that’s really different.


Maid in Fella is classified as “mild + soft” by ToysHeart, meaning that you get a gentle stimulation, to use real slow to fully enjoy. Sadly there’s almost no vacuum, could have been good with those cheeks wrapping around you. The tongue is attached, it’s just there idly teasing your frenulum. On the upper side, there is a wavy structure that stimulates the glans. Overall and if my memories don’t fail me, it feels better than the ancestor Fera Zoma (and the material is much better, more stretchy and softer). It’s really nice to use while watching some blowjob action porn, something slow and nice, almost-torture head.


Cleaning and maintenance is easier than most other mouth-onaholes, because Maid in Fella can be turned inside-out without worry for intensive cleaning with water+soap. The material has some little smell that fades away mostly after a few washes, uuuh..  I think it’s safe enough if you want to kiss it sometimes.

Maid in Fella reminds me a lot of Superb Fella 3, but they are nowhere close to La Bocca Della VeritΓ . Uuuh…  okay, I grant Maid in Fella the 2nd rank in my current mouth-onahole ranking, even with that weak vacuum. Sorry cute maid… but you’re good enough for the job !

Maid in Fella
  • 5/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 5/10
  • 8/10
    Materials and cleaning - 8/10
  • 8/10
    Packaging and addons - 8/10
  • 6/10
    Price - 6/10


A quite good mouth onahole with ToysHeart’s awesome material quality, easy maintenance, yet it lacks some features and the vacuum is almost non-existent. The price is slightly high compared to La Bocca Della VeritΓ , which remains my fav mouth-onahole

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