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Today, let’s talk about the Otris, a masturbator by Korean company HEPS 🙂


Sometimes, on Onahole Review, we blog about products that are not Japanese. Actually… once before. While Japanese male masturbators are by far the most advanced and colorful of the world, Western companies seem to veeeery slowly entering the fantasy-masturbation market, even if Bad Dragon or Frisky Beast are still far behind serial mind-fuckers like NPG or Magic Eyes..

However, on the Asian market, there is increasing activity from Korea. I may mention GTC (the Spider masturbators series) , and HEPS. So far, GTC and HEPS make “normie” products, aimed at giving a few goosebumps to Tenga or Fleshlight. I surely wouldn’t mind masturbators with manhwa girls on the packaging ! I don’t see any western companies making sextoys depicting Disney characters (like R2D2) anytime soon so go ahead and join Japan-niisan in their mission of perverting the world !

Spotlight on one of HEPS’ products: the OTRIS. The basic concept behind this masturbator is being able to recombine smaller parts together to change the inner structures of the complete toy. Since it’s normie stuff, the packaging is kept at the minimum:


On the backside, some details about the product.. in Japanese


Notice the hologram in the bottom left corner, to make sure you have a legit original product and not a counterfeit chinese ripoff fake scam piece of crap. RIVAL IS HUMAN

Luckily for us, inside there’s a text notice translated in Japanese, Korean and English. And yet another hologram. Safety.


The English translation is a lil bit clumsy, but it’s easy to understand that this product is a joke merchandise and you take full responsibility if you cum inside it and a pregnancy happens 😉


I think you begin to understand how it works, right ? 🙂

It’s a plastic case of which you can screw segments together, and you can choose rubber rings out of several:

T part:


HL part:


TW part:


S part:


You can find each separate part sold individually on some shops, and also 2 extra parts:

BD part:


TC part:


As long you have enough spare parts, you can make an Otris sizing over 600 meters and featuring each structures in any order you see fit, I think this should be enough for any penis length 🙂

The bottom part features a little valve to create strong suction:


And the top of it consists of a ring with a rubber pad


The cool thing about such products is that there’s no lack of pictures in the shops, that’s so useful ^^ Better than my mess:


As you can see, there’s already plenty to do with the starter pack. It’s really appealing for people like me who love wasting hours building stuff with LEGO™, play with it a few minutes, and disassemble everything down again. Read somewhere this is a good sign a child has acquired basic engineer brainwork.

So, how’s the masturbation using Otris ?

Well, first off my opinion may not reflect everybody’s, because aside physical difference and stimulation preferences the Otris adds one more layer: the combination of the rubber rings 🙂 And the segments can be used without a rubber ring at all, for example just the entrance pad, 2 empty segments, and HL part on the last segment to focus the stimulation on the glans.

In many aspects the Otris reminds me of Tenga Deepthroat (the normal version, not Ultra Size): the hard shell prevents the material from expanding, which creates a tight feeling… and pushes the first ring out from the only place where it can expand: the entrance. Also, even with different kind of water-based lubricants, it was still quite hard to stroke up and down. The vacuum valve only worsens it all: in “push-in” mode the air can’t get out very fast from the valve, and also creates a hissing sound that is not very discreet. In “pull-out” mode the valve closes, creating a hell of a strong suction, but then the air tries going in from the entrance: more hissing sounds !

Removing the bottom segment with the valve, I was able to enjoy some thrusting. But soon after…  I was pushing the last segment out from the open bottom with my penis. Sigh.

So, another tweak: in the bottom segment, you can unclip the valve itself, leaving a small hole (about the width of the pinkie finger). Air going in and out easier, thrusting was more pleasing and it still gave some suction. Downside of that: like with penetrated onaholes, at some point lube and semen leaks out.

While in-and-out had lots of issues with Otris, I was very nicely surprised how good it feels when turning it around my junk. Oh how I wished I could combine Otris’ structures and the Vorze A10 Cyclone SA ! It’s exactly the kind of structures that feel the best when running in circle around the glans and shaft. Think of that, HEPS !

After the fun, the cleaning

To summarize: easy and slow. Easy because by separating each segment, you have no trouble correctly cleaning each part and drying it with a microfiber towel. Slow, because you clean each single part, you’re at it for like 2 minutes to have the complete toy clean, that’s at least twice as long it takes me to quickly wash a regular onahole. While it’s not as hard to clean as an onahip.

…. silicone ?

The Otris is marketed as using silicone parts… so I did a flame test to control, and it’s melting down right away. Completely. No ashes at all. That is surely not pure silicone, HEPS. Call it TPE.  (and if you wanna know: almost all onaholes are in TPE and contain mineral oil, so on a flame test the material melts very fast, catches fire, smokes a lot, smells of “burnt plastic”).

The financial investment

Honestly, I think only Amazon Japan has a correct price for HEPS Otris. While it’s quite good engineering work and not so bad quality (and since price is not proportional to masturbation pleasure), I think the 30-40 US dollars range is appropriate. There’s room for improvement and HEPS proves us they have strong marketing capacities, so maybe uuuh…  think outside the box and consider what I said in the introduction: making products with fantasy characters !

Finally, promotional video

HEPS Otris
  • 3.5/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 3.5/10
  • 6/10
    Materials and cleaning - 6/10
  • 2/10
    Packaging and addons - 2/10
  • 5/10
    Price - 5/10


The concept is quite interesting and it achieves good performance when used “rolling around”, but no anime girl packaging, usability reduced because of shell and suction valve, not-silicone material and questionable recommended public price.

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4 Replies to “HEPS Otris”

  1. “even if Bad Dragon or Frisky Beast are still far behind serial mind-fuckers like NPG or Magic Eyes..”

    See, when I hear “fantasy toys” and “mind fuckers” I think teratophilia, so onaholes aren’t the first thing that comes to mind, but Magic Eyes does seem to have a unique corner of the market covered with their guro themed stuff.

    Nice thorough review, the changeable parts sounds really neat and is something I’d like to see other companies tackle. It could have a really sick guro or modular theme to it, too, if they wanted to get gross about it haha. If somebody could figure out a way to make a body-safe dildo with switchable segments believe me I’d be all over it.

    1. Something a bit like that ? 🙂

      (grey is in plastic, black are holes the white screws attach to, and in orange the switchable silicone material)

  2. Honestly, don’t waste your money on this. I bought it several months back and if you’re penis is even a little bit larger than average you’ll never fit comfortably inside. Forget thrusting, just getting in was nearly impossible and the lube just spills out the back making sure you can never go in and out. However, if you’re distinctly below average in terms of penis size(and I honestly mean this in no offense) than this thing will be god send for you!

  3. Cool review and interesting website (I found it through Google).

    That’s a very unique looking toy and the customization options look really cool.

    Anyway, keep up the good work and I’m looking forward to reading through your other reviews.

    – Blaze

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