Ikappara Girl

The depicted characters presented in this page as choosen by product makers are purely fictional illustrations of aesthetic artwork complying to Japanese legislation.
In no way they imply, suggest or promote sexual abuse or harm of human beings.
If such illustrated packaging is forbidden in the buyer's country or if the buyer doesn't wish to receive it, selected vendors can ship products without the illustrated packaging upon request during order.
If you or someone you know is a victim of sexual abuse, the Rape, Abuse, & Incest National Network (RAINN) has resources that can help.


Hello fellow fappers, I’m AnonymousD, presenting you Ikappara Girl, an onahole made by Toy’s Heart! NLS sent it to me for a review, and here it is!


Unfortunately, there is no story on the NLS site, neither I could get a translation for “Ikappara”, so there is not much I can say about that part. But I can try to guess from the cover art! 😀


Let’s see… here we got our twin-tailed loli, with just a shirt and pantsu on, ready to ride your cock, while you furiously move her up and down grabbing her by the hips.

One thing to note, here is a screenshot from customs in Spain. It appears that they probably just took a look inside and that’s it, so I guess for Spanish fappers it should be safe to buy it 😀

customs ikappara

Anyway, here more pics of the cover art:



Pretty good, nice and colorfull box, pink, two different pictures of an innocent loli, and all the parts in detail of the onahole.

This is what it looks like inside when you open it:


Good enough, and it comes with a tiny bottle of lube, where well, specially for having such a big box and considering the price, I would have preferred a bigger bottle, like My big brother is pervert.

And here some pics of the onahole, I took these right after getting it out from the box (not used yet):

As you can see, it’s very beautiful. The vagina and anus are shaped very well, the belly button is there, and everything has good curves and in proportion. At the ends, it’s not poorly chopped (well, the top part a bit maybe). The only downside it’s that it’s all of the same color, the insides aren’t double-layered with a nice pink color, but that is better for utility. And that ass!

The material is ok, but not perfect. The smell it’s a… strawberry-juice-like smell? No idea, but it smells nice, although it’s that kind of material where everything sticks to it…


Now, about the feeling, it’s pretty good. Although, it’s nothing way too special, it’s good enough to enjoy it. The insides are very soft, tight, and mildly stimulating, there are other onaholes that give you a harder stimulation, but that isn’t this onahole’s strong point. The good about large onaholes, is that you can “play” a lot with them. Adapting different positions, different ways of grabbing them, it feels great. I really like it when I’m on the chair, furiously thwomping her on my lap, mmgh!

I mostly use it in bed, cowboy position,

it’s the less tiring one. Let’s talk about the insides more in depth (no pun intended):

The pussy. The labia is very well made, because it holds VERY well the lube, to lube your penis and start to fuck it. The entrance is normal, and the rest feels good, the pussy it’s the most “stimulating” part, where I mean it rubs more around your penis because of it’s inner structure.

1_1411006740_m_x9Dc2 1_1411006740_m_txVlm

The anus. This hole, it’s my favorite. The inner structure it’s a little bit lame, but oh god it feels great… where it might not have many ribs, the asshole it’s so tight and yet so soft, my penis just melts inside. Most of the times I end up cumming inside the asshole, it just feels awesome. The pussy is not loose, but compared to the asshole it sort of feels like it. Normally I alternate between both, but this is my favorite one.

Here are pics from after 2 weeks of use. The onahole looks durable, the anus it’s starting to rip very very slightly, but I doubt it will rip too much, so it’s all good.



Also, this onahole surprisingly does not require much lube! Just almost twice than your regular onahole, and it’s only if you wanna use both holes! Altough sometimes it might require a little bit more, because I don’t know why but all my fap sessions with this onaholes are long, it cannot make me cum in 1 minute like other tighter and more stimulating onaholes, altough it’s not bad at all, I enjoy it the whole time. I’ve actually had to use more lube on smaller onaholes like My big brother is pervert, no kidding!

As the way you can use it… I bet there are many ways I yet have to discover, but the main ones are cowboy on bed, and on the lap while on the chair. You can use it for dakisex, it’s decent, not as good as I thought it would be (what I mean is, that a normal sized onaholes do more or less the same job if it’s big enough so you don’t have to tie it up to the daki). Here a few pics:

As for cleaning, it’s easier than I thought! It’s a little bit more work than your average onaholes, but not too bad. Just wash it on the inside with the A-cleaner, then use your fingers to remove everything that is left inside.


And on the outside with water to remove all the stuff that stick to it during use and you’re done!

About the drying, it’s not hard either, although you will need new tools. First, just dry it like that with a big towel.


I recommend you get a big towel only for this onahole, and while you are at it, you can copy my “set up for onahole cleaning” … yeah xD.


So, the blue towel it’s for the insides of the onaholes, and the yellow one for the outside. Altough the blue towel it’s too thick for the Ikappara, so what are you gonna use it’s those weird yellow things you saw.


What is that? It’s a finger-towel made out of absorbent cloth. How to make it? Here our dear friend Nutmannen can show you in his tutorial!


And well, you just use it like… that.

Lol, it’s actually much easier if you use both hands, and using your middle finger you reach easily the bottom of the insides, and it leaves the onahole very dry.

Another great aspect about this onahole is THIS:

Fucking. Awesome. The weight of the onahole it’s, I don’t know if intentionally, but very well distributed (in proportion) so it can stay on a flat surface. This is fuckin-tastic because right after you finish your job, and you don’t wanna go to put it in some drawer or something for cleaning, you can just leave it like that on a desk or stool next you.

About storage, I have a bit of problem. I live with my parents so I cannot leave this laying around, and my drawer its around 1cm too short.

Lol. I used to have a safe like this


before to store my onaholes, but I doubt this will fit in any cash safe. Now I don’t care too much, so I store them in the drawers, although I still wanna be discrete. So depending of your situation, you might wanna think before buying this if you can hide it well or not :).

Btw, I really love slapping the hell out of her ass, whether it’s before the action or in mid fucking… haha

That sound!!

The ass looks really nice, toching it, grabbing it, slapping it, it really makes you fantasize with your loli >w<.

In conclusion, the onahole is a beast. It might be a high price for a toy, but it’s worth it. I haven’t seen many that have this beautiful shape, be this big, look so nice and feel so good. I definetly recommend it. This was all from AnonymousD, ’till next time!

Ikappara Girl
  • 10/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 10/10
  • 8/10
    Materials and cleaning - 8/10
  • 9/10
    Packaging and addons - 9/10
  • 10/10
    Price - 10/10


Great feeling, easy to use and clean, and comfortable.

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28 Replies to “Ikappara Girl”

  1. ¡Hola, AnonymousD!

    Muchas gracias por responder a mi comentario. Al final me vi bien de dinero y decidí, como dije, darme un capricho y comprar ambas. Tuve un susto con Aduanas porque me retuvieron el paquete, pero tras aportar la documentación me trajeron el paquete a casa sin ningún cargo adicional. Una suerte.

    Tan sólo decir que, aunque estoy de acuerdo en que Coco Loco tiene una estructura interna mejor que Ikappara, la forma de la segunda me gusta más y da bastante juego. HANJUKU ha resultado ser una sorpresa y estoy bastante contento con la experiencia. Las dos me han gustado mucho. Y sí, tenías razón con lo de EMS… tienen la cruz echada.

    Por último, quería hacerte una consulta más. Ya tengo unos cuantos onaholes y estoy bastante satisfecho y contento con ellos, pero quizás más adelante pueda permitirme y me apetezca comprarme alguno nuevo. Verás, yo siempre caigo muy rápido por las portadas (si me gusta el estilo de dibujo al final caigo) y el aspecto del onahole en sí (sobre todo el de los interiores), pero el tipo de onaholes que más me gustan son los estrechos. Tengo varios y me han gustado, pero mis favoritos con diferencia son Lolinco Virgo y Daisuki Hold. Tienen como una especie de “costillas”, (“ribs” he leído que los llaman) y me encanta cómo se ajustan al pene. ¿Sabes de más onaholes de este estilo y que tengan tu aprobación?

    De nuevo, muchas gracias.

    1. Si, creo que todos nos seducimos por las portadas xD. Yo he probado Lolinco y no me gustó nada, muy dura por dentro para mi gusto, me sentía muy incómodo, y Daisuki Hold lo ha probado otro autor del blog… Esta clase de onaholes no me gustan mucho, asi que no sabría recomendarte una como esa.

  2. Sorry in advance for my post being in Spanish. I wanted to explain myself in my mother language to AnonymousD because, as far as I know, he’s also from Spain.

    Hola, AnonymousD.

    He supuesto que eres de España por algunos detalles de tu review (como la captura que has puesto del seguimiento del pedido). Verás, tengo una seria duda que espero que me puedas resolver.

    Ya he comprado con anterioridad varios onaholes. La mayoría de ellos pequeños y un hip. Estaba pensando en darme un capricho y comprar un par de Onaholes nuevos, siendo estos Ikappara Girl y HANJUKU de EXE !. Ikappara Girl me llamó muchísimo la atención desde que me leí tus reviews. Al final me decanté por Cocoloco pero bueno, digamos que aunque estoy muy satisfecho siempre se me quedó la espinita clavada.

    Bueno, perdón por enrollarme. Iré la grano. Si hago un pedido tan grande me arriesgo a que Aduanas me retenga el paquete y me saqué una cantidad de dinero interesante. He buscado por tiendas europeas y no he encontrado Ikappara Girl en ningún sitio. Sin embargo, sí que he encontrado un Meiki Cherry 2 en motsutoys. Leo en muchos sitios que se trata del mismo hip. Que es exactamente igual y que incluso se hacen en la misma fábrica. Quería preguntarte si sabías si esto es verdad, porque comprarlo en Motsutoys y librarme de Aduanas sería un lujo (además de que cuesta más barato). Parecen casi iguales, pero no sé si es cosa mía, pero noto en las fotos que las estructuras internas (sobre todo del ano) no son iguales del todo y el color de la piel de Meiki Cherry 2 es algo más oscuro.

    Espero tu respuesta. Estoy ansioso por comprar, la verdad. ¡Muchas gracias!

    1. Hola Prometheus!

      Sobre la HANJUKU, me llegará a casa una en los proximos dias, y tendrás una review en 1-3 semanas como mucho, asi que si te esperas verás si es buena o no (o si eso twiteame y te daré mis primeras impresiones https://twitter.com/AnonD_onaholeeu ). La Ikappara fue mi primer hip, de momento tengo 3, e Ikappara es la que menos me gusta. Cuando empecé con ella me encantó, supongo que es porque era mi primer hip, pero ahora…. no se, la encuentro un poco dura por dentro, y no es muy buena para dakimakura sex, mientras que la Cocolo me encanta, es mi onahole favorita hasta la fecha, su estructura interna es increible.
      Sobre las aduanas… buf, supongo que si, te van a clavar, a mi solo una vez me pararon un paquete, que fue enviado con EMS, evita esa compañia a todo coste, de un valor de 115€ y tuve que pagar unos 35€… intenta evitar pedidos mayores de 60€, aunque yo creo que comprando un HANJUKU solo vas a estar bien, con un poco de suerte, lo unico que EMS son el demonio…
      Sobre lo de las estructuras no tengo ni idea, ya que la Cherry 2 la tiene otro autor del blog, yo no se nada sobre esa onahole, asi que ahi lo siento pero no te puedo ayudar mucho. Echándole un vistazo por encima, la verdad si parecen autenticas, asi que no te la recomiendo mucho. Mejor espera unos dias para ver que tal la HANJUKU, o sino, esta:

      Bueno, espero haber sido de ayuda ^^

  3. Thanks for the review. I’ve cum twice just looking at your dick using it. Definitely would like to see more of you in the review pictures.

  4. Just a little tip for people that live with parents or have no room to store those kind of bigger Onaholes. I just bought an empty PC tower, one of the older ones with no windows. Noone ever opens that, parents not interested in that anyway. My Onaholes literally stand next to my desk, been like that for years. 😀

    And if a friend asks what is inside I just say it’s an old spare tower I still have.

  5. Great review! Thanks for including some picks of you using it, though it would have been awesome to see a video of you using it till completion. :3

  6. which do you recommend more?
    the Virgin Puni 1000 ?
    puni ana dx hard?
    Kaitai Shinsho?
    puni fuwa mocchi 2000?
    which gives more pleasure?
    Which do you think is better??

    Thank you.

  7. this onahole was fantastic but does baby powder helps with the stickiness after wash or is there other way to prevent it from being sticky?

    1. I think resorting to baby powder (cornstarch or something similar) is unavoidable. Unfortunately, just washing then drying the toys is not going to get rid of the stickiness. Lint, dust, and hair will get onto them if they are left unattended.

  8. Does this product has anything differ with the Cherry Meiki 2 from kokostoy?
    If they both are identical to each other then I guess I would go with Cherry Meiki 2.

    1. Meiki Cherry 2 seems to resemble Ikappara girl the most both according the outer appearance (including size) and the internal construction.

      I have been doing some window-shopping within the last couple of weeks and finally decided to take a chance with Meiki Cherry 2. Both of them have a similar price range (with shipping fee added): from what I have gathered, either one of them is going to run around 140 USD at the check out. I have never tried a Kokostoy product before, so this is going to be rather interesting.

      I have considered Puni Ana Dx. The presence of a flush hole is a nice feature (making easier to clean up), but it also has a drawback of stuff leaking out from the other end and making a mess. I have noticed this issue from Kaitai Shinsho which also has a flush hole (although it can be plugged up with a plastic coin-like object.

  9. The bananamall.co.kr links I have posted may be inaccessible because it performs age check. (I just noticed this today, but it did not run age check yesterday. Weird.) One annoying thing with regards to most Korean adult-oriented Websites is that it asks for South Korean national ID. So, if you do not have one, you cannot access them. What a bummer.

  10. I was going through merchandises shown in http://www.bananamall.co.kr

    Sorry, the following links are written in Korean. However, they have a bunch of product images, so hopefully they would still be useful for window-shoppers.

    By the way, South Korean Won is roughly about 1120 USD or 1248 Euro.

    Looks like this one is pretty interesting: Osanajiri Nymphet. http://www.eschatonblog.com/2008_08_17_archive.html#1841822241366784116

    One word of caution: there are two different products. Osanajiri Nymphet is the onahip, while Osanajiri Nymphet Petit is the one-hand stroker: http://www.bananamall.co.kr/shopping/shopping-detail.php?pi=2400702

    How about Puni Fuwamotsuchi? http://www.bananamall.co.kr/shopping/shopping-detail.php?pi=2405894 Based on a cursory look, this one is similar to Puni Ana Dx insofar as the internal plumbings are concerned.

    Shiraz: http://www.bananamall.co.kr/shopping/shopping-detail.php?pi=2399881 (Unlike the previous goodies, this one seems to be manufactured by a Korean company, ‘Myeong Gi’.)

  11. I have been comparing product details for Ikappari Girl and Puni Ana Dx. IG has higher price than Puni by about $30+, with shipping fees included.

    IG’s dimensions are slightly larger than Puni, which is a rather minor issue. However, the most salient difference is the closed holes found in IG. By contrast, Puni has a flush hole which is connected to both openings, making Puni easier to clean.

    While surfing the Internet, I happened to find ‘Banana Mall’, a Korean company that sells IG and other sex toys from Seoul, Korea: http://m.bananamall.co.kr/home/product_detail.php?pi=2402414 This page contains several photos of Ikappara Girl. Out of curiosity, I took a cursory look (I can read Korean) at that page. Interestingly, lubricant is not included in the Korean version: there is an import restriction.

    Reading off some of the advertising: How’s my ass? Aren’t they cute? Mines are light. 😀

  12. Greetings

    This seems to be a copy of the “Cherry 2 ” by Kokostoy (Korea) Looks exactly the same as far as I can tell.

    best regards

    1. Yes, that seems to be the case. I have quickly browsed through Kokostoy Website: http://kokostoy.com/?cat=17

      Kokostoy indeed carry similar products. I have noticed that some of these products can be found in places like Amazon.de and Amazon.fr. However, not in the US site, although the US site does sell quite a number of onahole products.

  13. Where did you get these pants for the onahole, it makes it look so damn hot and intense that I want to get this right away!

  14. Looks pretty interesting. The last video clip caught my attention the most — *slap* *slap* *slap* 😛 Yes, it does appear quite spankable to say the least.

    Good thing the review has mentioned the size of Ikappara Girl — this could be a problem for those who are living with parents. (Unavoidable for owning any large onahole products, which I have noticed from owning Kaitai Shinsho.)

    By the cursory look, Ikappara Girl would be a good alternative to Kaitai Shinsho. Not only IG’s price tag is much less steep, but it provides two openings. The only minor downside is that IG lacks boobs, but I think having anal opening more than makes up for its lack of boobs.

  15. Ikappara vs Puni Ana DX? Which is the best hip onaho and why? Both look pretty fucking sexy.

  16. Great review, Ive been looking for something similiar.

    How much did the shipping cost for you btw.

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