Sujiman Kupa Big Rina

Hello fellow fappers, I’m AnonymousD, presenting you Sujiman Kupa Big Rina, an onahole made by MAGIC EYES. NipponSexToyshop sent this to me for a review, so let’s-go!

This is my first order from NST, so if you’re curious here is what the packet looks like.


Alright… so this is the bigger version of Open My Pussy! -Rina-, I don’t own that one, but judging from the pictures, this is what happened:


Our little loli Rina grew up… or well, just her insides. Let’s take a look at the box.


There is a comparison of the new one and the old one, the art is exactly the same, just the dress changed color. It also comes with a bit of lube, as always, I would have preferred a bottle.


There is one thing that I like about the box, and it’s this:


A very nice detail, it’s like the box is ripped off so you can see Rina’s panties.
Also, look at this, this was the art inside the box.


Lol, look at the buildings, how many onaholes do you recognize?
And here is the onahole.

doesn’t have a fake ass u.u

And let’s see how the entrance looks like.


What? …


Alright, so discussing this with AkaiHebi, we think it’s a factory defect, and not a hymen you’re supposed to break. So you’d say “oh, how shitty, what a poor job they did” … but this factory defect was AWESOME. So, I put some lube there, and it was a little bit hard to break it, it was resisting! And I was like “This dick is the drill that will pierce the heavens!! Ughh, ughh, UUGHMMMM!!” and bam! Broke that fake hymen, and I gotta tell you, the sensation was really really satisfying. Too bad that most of the onaholes won’t have this defect though.
Anyway, here is what the entrance looks like.


It’s decent, looks beautiful enough, it holds well the lube, and the insides are the same as the small Rina judging from the pictures.

About the feeling… I did not like it much. The onahole has 2 things that I don’t like, it’s too deep and little bit too tight, but that could be cause of my… size. I have a hard time keeping my erection 100% strong all the time, and when something it’s a little bit too tight around the glans, it kills my boner. The inner structure is good though, the ribs feel very nice and stimulating, from the beginning to the end, something not very common in onaholes (normally at the end it doesn’t feel as good). This both issues could be just because how my penis works, but I do think this onahole is a very good option for people with a large penis, so they can feel the depths of the onahole, and also people who like it very tight (it’s not as tight as Sujiman Kupa Lolinco, I cannot even use that onahole…)


One thing about the onahole, it’s the size. I think it’s useless. For me, the increased volume around the inner structure does not add any more pleasure. The body of the onahole should be thick enough for a better feeling and to be durable. I think there are 2 points of thickness in onaholes: thin as long as it doesn’t break, or very thick so you don’t feel your hands so that your brain tricks you that you’re not masturbating; and this onahole is in a mid point between the two. I guess one advantage is that is decent for dakisex, but that’s it. Maybe is just a matter of preference, but for me the increased size it’s a no bonus.

In conclusion, the feeling is very stimulating and tight, and the onahole could be good for people with large penises, but a little bit too tight for my taste. That was all, see you next time!

Sujiman Kupa Big Rina
  • 7/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 7/10
  • 10/10
    Materials and cleaning - 10/10
  • 6/10
    Packaging and addons - 6/10
  • 6/10
    Price - 6/10


Very stimulating and tight, good for people with large penises, but a little bit too tight for my taste

User Review
2.9 (10 votes)

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9 Replies to “Sujiman Kupa Big Rina”

  1. In my experience with this onahole (and the smaller version) I can say this much, the outside feels like a different material (which is good because the small one feels a bit sticky and picks up fluff whereas the big one doesn’t).

    The (big) one I have is still a bit too short internally at times (I say “at times” because it’s only when I go as far in as possible, most of the time it’s just barely big enough) and the tightness is fine (especially compared to the small one which would push me out if I let go).

    All in all, I’d certainly recommend this even as a first toy

  2. estimado cuando pide un envío a NLS y selecciona la opción que envíen solamente el masturbador sin el lubricante el costo de envio baja ?(por el peso)

    1. when you asked a shipment estimated at NLS and select the option to send only the masturbator without lubricant low shipping costs? (by weight)

    2. Puede que si, y puede que no. El coste varía segun el peso, pero varía cuando alcance ciertos números, no se si eran 1300g, 1500g, 1700g+ o algo asi, ve alternando el pedido sin pasarte de 2000g para elegir la opcion “e-packet”, que es la más económica. Pero no recomiendo en absoluto usar una onahole sin lubricante, compra un PEPEE red cap o alguno que te guste.

  3. Nice review. This is my go to onahole most nights. Otherwise for a quick fap I use my Sujiman Kupa Lolinco. Which BTW feels very close to the real thing.
    This Kupa Big on the other hand feels more mild but still tight. Doesn’t get me off as fast as I like to use it in my Meiki plush hip.

  4. I wonder if you’re comfortable with posting your…stats 😛
    Want to know if I should get this one or the regular Rina.
    I am around 6 inches in both length and girth.

  5. Hey, AnonD.

    I posted on the forum (which is now completely different) about 5-6 month back, and I believe it was you or another reviewer that helped me out.

    I am the guy who wanted a “realistic” onahole in terms of feeling, because the ones with the twisting and bumps intimidates me honestly. I have never had relation with a women who had spiraling insides or noticeable bumps in her insides. xD

    I still have yet to buy an Onahole (would be my first), and I remember you or one of the reviewer recommended one of the sujiman series. Is that still true in your opinion? Or is there something more recent or different that you would suggest?

    1. Hi. I don’t remember if it was me the one who talked with you, sorry. First off, as AkaiHebi said many times, realistic =/= better. Unfortunately, I don’t know how a realistic vagina feels… so I can’t help you with finding a realistic onahole, lol.
      As a first onahole… I don’t know what onahole would be a good one, maybe one of the loli ones, like Secret Twin Tales, or the Smooth and Flat series. Take a look at the reviewed ones here and choose the one that looks better for you 🙂

    2. Recently I saw someone on 4chan’s “Eternal Onahole Thread” who compared fingering his girlfriend and his onaholes, and saying Lolinco was the one closest to the “real thing” 😉

      However since onaholes have such crazy structures, expect them to feel better around your dick than an actual vagina. And… sorry I just can’t remember every single person asking me or AnonD for onahole advice ^^ I made a little list of stuff I’d recommend:

      (sidenote for AnonD: you also wanna do a recommended list since you reviewed different onaholes ?)

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