A Taciturn Girl

Hello everyone ! After a short hiatus here I am, writing about A Taciturn Girl, an onahole made  and kindly provided for review by ToysHeart !


“It’s always the quiet ones”, right ? To illustrate the product, ToysHeart chose a not-very talkative schoolgirl that seems fairly unimpressed about your chit-chat and your peeks at her chest.

“You’ll be sweetly bitten by her lower mouth”, if I translate it correctly.

Or is she having a crush on you but fidgets around because she’s introvert and nervous ? ๐Ÿค”

Anyway: I just have to rotate her mouth to make a slight smile for a girl matching my paracosm-self somewhat, and personally I like it a lot ^^


Inside the box, you’ll find a plastic tray containing the wrapped onahole, and a 12mL sample of “Vanessa & Co” water-based lubricant. So, nothing unusual for a ToysHeart product.

The lube should be enough for 2-3 uses, and is a good quality lubricant.


A Taciturn Girl is a closed-bottom type onahole, with very classic shapes in the ToysHeart brand.

With a total length of 12cm (out of which 11cm hole depth), the onahole fits in the medium/small size category, and weights 225g.

It is made in Japan, using ToysHeart’s phtalate-free “Virgin Skin” thermoplastic elastomer material. For having experienced both, I find lots of similarities with the “Safe Skin” material: a soft surface that gets only very slightly sticky, that has as good as no smell even right out the box, and is well stretchable to accommodate every common penis size.

Inside, the onahole shows a tighter entrance, a general dotted matrix, a first chamber with uh.. a “gear-like” nub they describe as teeth, a second chamber where two of them attack on both sides, and finally a narrow cervix leading to an uterus-vacuum chamber.

After about 20 uses at the time of writing, the toy shows no tearing or particular damage.


Upon insertion, you’ll feel the first nub gently scraping the upside of your glans, and the little dots massage your frenulum. Deeper, you have the two nubs teasing you from each side, which is highly pleasurable.

Reaching the deepest spot, you’ll slightly feel going through the cervix, and poking the bottom.

ToysHeart describes the toy as very high tightness and above-average intensity in the chart: I agree about the intensity, but that’s way not the tightest toy I’ve had ^^

The main structures of A Taciturn Girl remind me of R-20 PUNI, due to the specific “gear” nub. However the little dots just after the entrance make for great frenulum-ticklers when you want to extend your session.

Being an average-sized western penis wielder, I’m sure poking the bottom while not fully in, which creates a funny “bulge” at the bottom. Sadly that uterus-vacuum chamber is totally flat: it could have been fairly fun if there was thin spikes or “tentacles” rubbing around the tip of the glans.

Overall it’s a good toy, satisfying both the fast-shooting and the long-play with it’s structure diversity.

Sidenote: with the entrance being the same width than the hole, expect some lube spillage.


The process of cleaning the onahole is pretty easy: since it’s a single-layer onahole you can safely turn it inside-out to wash away any fluids, soap up the surface, rinse and pat dry. You can additionally use some antibacterial spray or a hydrogen peroxide solution, especially if the toy is shared.

For adding a little bonus smoothness for the outside surface, you can apply some baby powder.

As with common onaholes, store it away from direct sunlight, in a breathing bag.


Product after product, ToysHeart confirms it’s mastery of onahole materials. In fact ToysHeart achieves safe durable odorless and unsticky toys for so long, it got me very severe about other companies’ onaholes.

A Taciturn Girl is not a breakthrough in the onahole technology, it uses some good ideas to make a fairly enjoyable toy, an onahole than I can see myself using from time to time between two reviews. Not mindblowing, but enjoyable still.

And yeah I tend to get fired up about anime girls (or girly anime boys) in thigh highs.

Last but not least: I seriously would’ve expected a price 25% higher. The retail price at OtonaJP and ToyDemon is very good for a ToysHeart product !

A Taciturn Girl
  • 7/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 7/10
  • 9/10
    Materials and cleaning - 9/10
  • 7/10
    Packaging and addons - 7/10
  • 9/10
    Price - 9/10


+ ToysHeart’s renowned TPE material + very affordable price + good sensations
– some lube spillage – structure-less vacuum chamber – rather short toy
User Review
3.75 (4 votes)

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2 Replies to “A Taciturn Girl”

  1. looks so good, but 12cm deep means I barely would get halfway in…

    sucks for us long/big guys, but we’re stuck being unable to go balls deep with this, cause the glans and such look like it’d feel amazing

  2. Thank you for doing this review! I’ve been eyeing this toy since I saw the cute box and the structure of the hole. The cervix is mostly what I was interested in (As I’ve heard that many makers have failed to create a good cervix “system”). The cervix is probably a no-go as they usually are, but this looks like a solid and durable hole which I see using it from time to time aswell. The price tag is indeed quite affordable.

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