Loli Puni Sisters

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In no way they imply, suggest or promote sexual abuse or harm of human beings.
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Hello fellow fappers, I’m AnonymousD, presenting you “Loli Puni Sisters“, an onahole made by TamaToys! Let’s get into the review!

What do you prefer? Blonde lolis or blue-haired lolis? Or why not both? 😀
Loli Puni Sisters are two lolis who’d like to have a threesome with you, all they care is to squeeze your milk with their tight holes, and believe me, they do it very well. Let’s see the box art.


It’s a nice box, featuring 2 drawings of the characters, and the insides of the toy.


This is what it looks like when you open it.


By the way, do you feel bad when you have to throw the boxes? Like, they take a lot of space, and it’s not something you wanna collect, like figurine boxes, so what I do is this:


I cut the front, where the art is featured and keep them, they could be a great postal card (?)
Anyway, these are the contents of the box.


Again, no bottle of lube ;(

Here a few pictures of the onahole, as well as a few videos.


Might not look very good, but it’s very nice to the touch. The outside texture feels very nice to touch with your fingers, specially after washing, normally most onaholes feel sticky and since they’re fully flat it does not feel very nice when you grab them, but this one is great, I wish more onahole makers did that.

Here is what the inside structure looks like:


Both holes feel very good. They are very soft, and very tight, it’s a great combination, a bit hard to find in most  onaholes. The upper tunnel has a more “linear” feeling, do you see those small waves at the beginning? The full tunnel feels like that, and it’s quite good. The second tunnel, it’s a bit harder to penetrate (it feels good, just more tight and you can’t stroke as fast as the other tunnel), but it’s more texturisized, giving you a totally different feeling from the other tunnel.


Both of the entrances are a bit hard to penetrate, in mid action it’s a bit annoying trying to find the hole, it’s not very easy, they should have made some lips so it could be easier, or a different design. Also, when you pour lube in, there is not a good way to make it stick on top so you can lubricate the tip of your penis, that’s another flaw. Another thing I’d like to mention, is that sometimes while stroking, the onahole slips off, when I go up, my penis accidentally leaves the onahole, and I end up hitting my penis with the nail of my thumb finger, sometimes very fast, I was surprised I did not cut myself, lol. Holding it could be a bit awkward, but not annoying, you just have to grab it like this, where one of the holes will be touching your scrotum or above your penis, getting sometimes a bit of lube on, but it’s not too much.

Cleaning it’s easy too, you just have to wash two holes. In conclusion, it’s a great onahole that offers two different sensations, soft and quite tight, with a nice skin touch, but a little bit awkward entrance penetration and design.

Loli Puni Sisters
  • 10/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 10/10
  • 9/10
    Materials and cleaning - 9/10
  • 8/10
    Packaging and addons - 8/10
  • 9/10
    Price - 9/10


Two holes, tight with good feeling, but annoying vulvas.

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11 Replies to “Loli Puni Sisters”

  1. can anyone here give me a link, where i can buy this? … ive searched everywhere but i didnt found a Site, still selling them (everywhere “out of Stock”)

    i would be verry thankfull <3

  2. This seems really hard to clean? How would you go about cleaning this onahole combo?
    It doesn’t appear that you can flip it inside out to clean the inside, so what would you do to clean it and dry it?

    1. I don’t recommend flipping onaholes inside out, since the insides break that way. I just clean it like my other onaholes, pour a bit of water, flush all the stuff inside into the toilet, then with my finger and a water stream clean everything inside, and after that with a thin towel I dry it. Sometimes I break small pieces of toilet paper and put them inside at the bottom to absorb the the water I could not dry with the towell, then I throw em out and done.

  3. I heard this from AkaiHebi, you can ask nls to get it from amazon japan.
    Mail Nls to learn how the process works or wait for AkaiHebi to answer.

  4. Once again a nice review !
    I was wondering if you know where to buy it ? It’s out of order on otonaJP and I really don’t know how to order it on amazon Japan…

  5. Nice review man ! I have been waiting for it since you posted the pictures of your order on twitter ^^
    It seems to be a nice onahole and I personnaly like the fact that you can enjoy yourself in the hole of your choice, it’s a great idea since it even gives some differents kind of sensation.
    I’m not fond of the design itself though… and mainly the entrance area :/
    Hopefully when I’ll get my order of both Sujiman Kupa Rina and Secret Twin Tales Kana chan, I’ll check if thight onahole suits me or not and if I like it then I’ll consider trying this one for me next order (I really love the artwork of the box too)
    Talking about the box, I don’t know how many onahole I’m going to buy since I’m still a newcomer here, but I’m collecting figures since over a year and I’ve always kept each and every box in good condition. Those artwork are really beautifull and I would be truely sad to throw them away. Moreover considering figures, it’s useful to keep box intact if someday you would like to sell a figure (with the inner plactic part included).

    So yeah, it sure takes a lot of place, but even while collecting figures, I like the fact of collecting those great boxes at the same time ^^
    Now considering onahole’s box, since they got NSFW artwork, I might not try to expose them freely, but I’ll try to hide them away from my parents and keeping them safe in a secured area of my room (I got a large drawer under my bed, it might be a good spot ^^)

    At the same time, I think my parents doesn’t really care and they wouldn’t be surprised to fing something like this while sneaking around (hope they won’t though)
    My room is already filled up with anime’s girl poster, figures and dakimakuras, so I think they don’t mind now xd

    1. Lol, you sort of described my life. My room (was, had to take them all off, but will put them back on… eventually) has a few posters and wallscrolls, two dakimakuras, so yeah, ecchi figures, so yeah, I guess they don’t care much to this point. And I’m 99% certain they did check my room and found the onaholes, since my father is sending me inderects from time to time… but well, I don’t care haha.
      Hope you get your onaholes soon, I’m waiting for a new order as well (and still have 2 or 3 onaholes left to review, woah).

      1. Haha, I think we all have the same kinds of parents ^^

        I know for sure that my mother is oftenly sneaking around, like to dust my shelf, vacuuming or to mop the floor while I’m at school. Or even sometimes when I always left used stuff all around my office, like empty bottle of water, Dr Pepper (Drink of the elected ones, El. Psy. Congroo.) or some empty bag of cereals, chocolate… well, basically everything I eat at night while watching anime ^^
        And some other times , I get up to go to school, leave my room in a mess with sometimes my dakimakura on the lewd side (^^) and when I come back everything is always back in order, no bottle, no chips bag, no cup of tea, my bed is done already and… dammit the dakimakura is back on the normal side xd

        So yeah, I think she clearly knows, but whatever xd

        Yeah I hope too, but I’ll have to wait quite a while though since the package has only been shipped a few days ago. Btw this afternoon I went to the post office to get a package containing a pre-order from amiami and those son of b*** from custom’s departement taxed my order and I had to pay extra fees… so I’m kind of my nerves now, it’s the second package from amiami which gets taxed in 2 week, I really may be out of luck. I never had any trouble before while using registred SAL, but 2 times now, fuck it !
        I don’t know if the fellow at CDG pay more attention now since the attacks from last November, but if I keep having extra fees on each of my order, then I’ll be fucking done.

        How many dakimakuras do you have ? I mean, just the cover not with the inner pillow ? Because I suppose that you’re not using one only right ? I think it’s better to often change the cover so as to keep them in good shape, clean and colorfull (so as onahole)! I’m thinking about ordering a new set of daki, Stella from Rakudai Kishi No Cavaly and Julis from Gakusen Toshi Asterisk, I really loved watching those anime and the character were really good ^^

        I have a last question for you, since we’re talking about dakimakuras, could you tell me your opinion about this Insert Air Pillow from Tamatoys ? There no review on the blog so I’m kind of interesting in it.

        1. I have 4, 2 with inner pillow, I use an Asuna one as a normal pillow for my head, and I keep a Rikka Takanashi next to my bed which I grab during the night to sleep with heer ^^. Though I don’t really care much about this 2 characters, since I watched their anime long ago. I also have a Hinata (rokyubu) daki and a Kuroneko daki, I’d like to use the kuroneko daki as the daki I’m hugging, but it’s 160cm trycot material, which cannot stretch well enough on the inner pillow and looks horrible, only the rikka/asuna look good on the pillow so I use them, I used to hang the kuroneko and hinata on the wall, but now they’re inside a drawer. It’s kinda funny I still not have a daki of my waifu, Kirino, I will get one to replace Rikka, eventually…
          About the air pillow, I dont’ recommend them, you get tired quickly. I have a piston and never use it.
          And btw, if you can PLEASE make your comments shorter, as 1/3 of what you normally write, it would be nice, just try to summarize a bit ^^’

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