I like to wear this cause I am really a pervert

Hello fellow fappers, I’m AnonymousD, presenting you “I like to wear this cause I am really a pervert“, an onahole made by Outvision! I got this from the PPP Happy Box, and here is the review.

AnonymousD it’s back with his lolis from Outvision! And by the onahole’s name and the art, this loli is a really pervert one ;). Let’s see the box:


This is what it looks like when you open it:


So the contents of the box are the classic from the PPP maker: onahole + bottle of lube.


Normally, PPP adds a red bottle of lube, which is one of the best lubes I’ve tried, it’s the main I use now, but this time they gave you the white bottle, where the lube is different. It’s very fluid, not dense enough and makes a bit of a mess. It lubricates well, but I don’t like it so liquid, the other lube is way better, this one is kinda bad.

Let’s take a look at the onahole.


Her boobs look nice and feel nice to the touch, I like grabbing them with my fingers while I fap 😀


The opening it’s a bit small, sometimes it’s a little bit hard to thrust it, but normally it’s ok. It’s not very pretty though.


And that is a side by side comparision with My big brother is pervert. When I pulled the onahole out of the box, I thought it was exactly the same onahole, with a different inside structure. They really look the same, but they’re a bit different, mainly in the chest size.

Here a deeper look into the onahole, my usual videos.

About the feeling… it’s lame. This is what the inner structure looks like:


It’s as lame as it looks. The place where you feel best it’s at the entrance, stimulating the glans, but that’s it. Deeper, even if it looks better, I don’t feel too much, and at the beginning it’s still not very stimulating. The onahole does feel tight, and that is one of it’s best features.
The size might be good for hiding it, it’s very small and barely takes any space, but that’s also a problem while masturbating, because you can’t cum very freely inside, you have to pull back a little, because the onahole it’s not very deep.
One thing I like to do is to turn it around so the boobs fall on my finger, it feels nice.

Another thing to mention, it’s that after a minute or two, it starts to feel dry, I think it’s because all the air goes outside, so feels a bit rough, you have to take your penis out and put it back in to move more fluently.

In conclusion, the onahole feels ok, but I prefer more the My big brother is pervert, even if it’s not as deep as this one, it feels better.

I like to wear this cause I am really a pervert
  • 4/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 4/10
  • 7/10
    Materials and cleaning - 7/10
  • 3/10
    Packaging and addons - 3/10
  • 7/10
    Price - 7/10


Small and tight, but not very stimulating.

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11 Replies to “I like to wear this cause I am really a pervert”

  1. hello AnonymousD good to read your opnion on it aswell. I must be honest the first time it did not really work out for me aswell. Reason for that was the yellow ring on the outside being just those few mm to small for me to pass inside good, so i removed that ring, giving problem 2 skin being scracthed by the hard plastic inside that was previous covered by the yellow ring. To resolve that aswell i took the cap of as an total, that gave number 3 the inside was loose and shifting, that problem was quickly overcome by just turning on the vac sucking the inner side into place not shifting any more and that on the lowest setting(mine got 5, 5 being strongest).

    i can understand the noise part, that is where my vac is good at on the lowest setting it would not wake any one up really and i also understand what you mean with the stimulation part. It took me an couple of tries to see what would work good for me and i found that. But i think that if they want to get it to work good for everyone they need to start looking into different sizes for males all over the world. Making sure that every rubber liner gives the intended (vacuum powered) airflow vibrations around each mans penis. becuase if it does not vibrate around the penis its just nothing more then an overpriced vacuum pump.

  2. well i bought the vacuum master sex machine and held the little patch on top of the sex toy so the air floats thru the filter sucking the ejaculation straight into the filter part not spilling any thing into your vacuum cleaner, set it on the lowest strenght or an higher strenght what ever is your favorite way and have an good suck the vibrations get you off good its not about the pure suction from the vac but the vibrations it creates.

    Downside is that if you dont watch out the rubber linner degrades pretty fast.
    and for people in europe or US having an bigger girth then asians get an tighter fit for i think the liner and toy is really based on the asian girth market.

    But everything considered its an nice toy to use and have especially when the lady dresses in maid outfit and give you an major cleaning suck

    1. Huh, interesing to see somebody that enjoyed it. I tried it and it was the worst sex toy I’ve tried in my life, it just doesn’t work, no stimulation, lost of noise from the vacuum cleaner, gets messy everywhere… absolutely horrible.

  3. What do i use to clean a hole toy ….. like the powder stuff what do i use to make the surface not stick to dust an things

    1. Water. If you left it for a few hours before cleaning, you can use some soap too, but with water should be enough.

  4. Nice Review. I’m new to onaholes and I would highly appreciate some advices because I really don’t know what would be the best one to try for a first time.
    I’ve already had one but it was an from an american company I think, the brand was shot toys from what I remember… but I was kind of disapointed, the product tears apart after 2 month and had a strong smell of plastic, or something like this… well it did stinks quite a lot… moreover, the whole thing was placed into a hard plastic tube, and sometime it barely hurted me while I was fapping because I reached the corner…

    So, I decided to skip all those strange tube’s thing and go for a Japanese Onahole. By the way I’m an otaku so I would prefer having one of those ones with a nice artwork on the box rather than those…. things….

    Oh I barely forgot, I also tried the regular Tenga version and one of their “egg” series. I was highly disapointed again, I thought this could be a good brand but basically the Egg was screwed up after 3 faps and the regular one couldn’t be washed so I also had to throw it away…

    From those experiences, I now prefer asking people who do have good experiences and who can help me to choose the best one for a beginner.

    I’ve already tried to make some research and I’ve find 3 differents ones whichs seems to be nice enough. The only website I now so far to buy this stuff is J-List. However I live in France so the shipping fees are VERY expansive. If you know an other website where I could find these, please feel free to tell me.

    So here they are:

    – Gichi Gichi Tight Virgin Onahole
    – Sujiman Kupa Roa – Real Onahole

    I also find an other one on amazon.com which had a lot of good feedbacks from customers but I don’t know the exact name of the product… and buy it from those amazon seller’s is HIGHLY expansive with shipping fees…

    Here is the link:


    I’m sorry to bother you like this, even so I would have a lot of other questions, mainly concerning lotions and website where I could buy onahole for a good price concerning my location (France, EU).

    Thank you =)

    1. Hello, you can visit the forums to find more information:

      But I’ll try to sum it up:

      First, as far as I know, the tenga are 1 use only, so you’re supposed to throw them out after you use them.

      About onahole recommendations, check the forums, but I will be reviewing a few onaholes soon, and I really liked this one:
      that one it’s pretty good and quite cheap, Ill post a review in the following days/weeks.
      More personal recommendations could be:

      As for lube’s, buy the red cape PEPE lube, it’s one of the best lubes I’ve tried and it’s cheap.

      About websites that sell onaholes:

      NLS and OtonaJP are pretty good, they ship from Japan, the shipping is around 15-17€, probably you wont find cheaper. I suggest making an order ardoun 60€, getting 2 onaholes and 1 PEPE lube, to take advantage of the shipping you’re paying (it’s not worth it pay 15€ for onahole and 15€ for shipping, better buy 3 items with 15€ shipping).

      Hope it helps 🙂

      1. Thank you for your quick answer !
        Well, I’ve already checked the forum section in which I found some product recommended by other reviewer for beginner like me.
        Basically, I noticed that a lot of people had eyes on Sujiman Kupa Rina/Roa (open my pussy’s version right ?), my grand brother is a perv, Virgin Age Admission / Graduation, Sujiman Kupa Lolinco (highly praised from what I’ve seen so far) or again Secret Twin Tales.

        I would admit, I’m kind of lost xd

        There are so many differents model that I don’t even know which one to pick for a first try ^^
        But first things first, I’m going to buy 2 for my first order since, as you said, I’ll save money by combining them in a single package. Moreover, the risk of using a single one during a long period of time might worn the onahole faster than if I sometimes switch with an other one. I had this issue with the shot toy’s thing, after several uses the vagina’s lips started to worn out, so as the internal structure…

        Personnaly, and from what I keep reading for the time being, I think I’ll give into one of the “open my pussy’s version” even though I don’t really know which one to choose between Rina and Roa and for the second one, I’m kind of tempted by Secret Twin Tails (Lolicon spotted, my bad) most of all because the package does comes with a lot of stuff already which might be usefull for beginners like me, that’s basically what one of your fellow said in his review.

        Do you think I’m making a good choice here or not ? I don’t really know what’s the differences between those two, maybe secret twin tails is more thigh… ? I hope my dick will fits in it, even though I’m not a monster too ^^

        One more question: I’ve seen your tutorial for washing the onahole properly, but in my case I live with my family so I’ll have to make it quick if I don’t want them to…. know ?

        Anyway, is cleaning it under clear water and then dry it in a towel would be enough to make it last ? From what I’ve read, I should put all the cum and lub out of the onahole with my finger, but not turning it upside-down right ? I did it with my last sextoy and that’s maybe one of the reason why the inside parts wear completly torns appart…

        Can I use simple soap during washing ? Is it recommanded to use talc ? Should I let it dry on a towel during the night to avoid moist and a complete drying of the inner parts ?

        Hum, what else… I presume I should not force on it during faping time right ? Better to take it easy I believe… oh, is it even ok to cum inside ? Is there enough space ? I did it with my last one too because I couldn’t… resist ?… but I was wondering if this might have been bad for the toys itself, I mean for the inner part at least…

        Finaly, considering the lub. I couldn’t find the PEPE lub you told me on otonaJP… or maybe I did something wrong during the research…
        I personnaly planned to go for Onatsuyu Lotion, it seems to be highly praised by people too, so I guess it is a good product… and the price is really cheap for the quatity we get.

        What do you think ?

        Thank you and again sorry for all those questions xd

  5. I agree, my Fuwatoro Sheep is starting to tear apart… and I can’t test the Vacuum Master because I don’t have a vacuum cleaner, also, it looks like you’re gonna make a big mess inside since there it’s not a place to collect your cum, so you directly cum inside the cleaner…
    Yeah, perhaps the PPP Happy Box is not very worth it.

  6. So the Fuwatoro Sheep felt nice but still had its flaws and this onahole is rather disappointing.
    I have a premonition that you won’t like the Vacuum Master, since according to other reviews it’s a failure (vacuum sucks away the lube and the mere fact that it needs a vacuum cleaner).

    Seems like the PPP Happy Box is not worth ordering since there are mostly unpopular onaholes inside or ones with small factory defects.
    I wonder if it’s the same for the G Project Happy Bag.
    Either way, for the same price one could order 2 regular onaholes and know at least in advance that they’re decent.

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