Put in & Pull out Fairies

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In no way they imply, suggest or promote sexual abuse or harm of real human beings or animals.
If such illustrated packaging is forbidden in the buyer's country or if the buyer doesn't wish to receive it, selected vendors can ship products without the illustrated packaging upon request during order.
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Put in & Pull out Fairies

“mini” and “special”.

Yet another onahole maker: MODE-design. Let’s see the tiny version, “mini”.

Put in & Pull out Fairies1

Lacks of ribs or bumps. Doesn’t lack of suction effect. The internal structure doesn’t make it a “must-have”, the material seems ok, the size is convenient and the packaging is cute. Here comes the big question: can a “westie” enjoy it ?

Response: well yes, but not that great. The material stirs too much, so from the few internal structures you almost feel none. Another thing: pretty damn hard to stick your thing in with one hand, the entrance should have been better conceived. It’s cute and all, but doesn’t help much. Elasticity ? Enough to turn it inside-out without worries, so cleaning it is easy. Overall, worth the price.

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  1. I have the other (anal) one. Not that great, I found the sensation rough and almost painful.

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