Squamate Hole Hard Edition

Hey everyone ! After playing around with Squamate Hole, I received the hard edition for review, let’s dig in !


Ligre, Ligre, that brand may not ring a bell for you since they’re fairly new in the market, but NLS and otonaJP decided to give it a shot and I think they weren’t wrong. Ligre Japan, Try7 and Nobunaga Shoten are somehow associated but I don’t exactly know how, however the latter is an adult lifestyle shop (brick and mortar). Ligre Japan seems to be testing waters in the adult market, I see they make a few onaholes, some lubricants/lotions, vibrators, underwear…

As for it’s “not-hard” sister product, the black-haired mermaid onahole made it painlessly overseas, safely wrapped in newspaper:

I’m going to keep it short about the mermaid, it’s really just the same drawing as the normal version but with different colors. If you ask me, I prefer the black-haired version because looks more Japanese. That’s about it, fast-forward to the content !


Same as normal version: slightly more ecchi drawing inside, and bag of (below-average) lube.


Now this is something noteworthy: while the onahole has the exact same size and weight than the normal version (15cm, 320g), and also the same internal structures (little shells, and a few ribs), the material is firmer (obviously: hard edition) but also.. see-through. Somewhat.


This feature is the most interesting if you need to check if your penis is still complete and attached to you.

Here again, the material screams “RIDE JAPAN” all over: their “hard” editions are also see-through. The feel, the light smell, .. no really, RIDE Japan is the manufacturer.

Now the main question: how does it feel ?

Well, first off I need to warn: lately life is quite fucked up for me so it did impact my libido. Nevertheless, the busty mermaid causes quite good orgasms, overall satisfying performance if used with a good water-based lube, since the included one is really deceiving and even produces slurping noises. It doesn’t get as good as the normal version because the harder little “shells” move less, make more of a “scratching” sensation when pulling out. Now if you’re in a “fucking the living shit out of it” mindset, the hard edition should make a better companion 🙂

On durability: everything fine after ~20 times, this onahole should last for months, and for that price it’s a fair investment.

I think it’s not worth buying both normal and hard editions, just choose what you prefer:

  • normal: snug feeling, soft and steady pleasure curve, can also help blowjob-fantasies
  • hard: struggling-scratching sensation, watch your penis deep inside of it
Squamate Hole Hard Edition
  • 6.5/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 6.5/10
  • 8/10
    Materials and cleaning - 8/10
  • 6/10
    Packaging and addons - 6/10
  • 8.5/10
    Price - 8.5/10


Normal or Hard ? I prefer the sensations of the normal edition, however hard edition’s black-haired mermaid looks better, and the see-through material can be of interest.

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4 Replies to “Squamate Hole Hard Edition”

  1. Elder Sister came in today and started using it. The moment I inserted I felt goosebumps all over my body. Is that normal? Lasted a good 8 minutes before I finished. I kind of wish I got a Daisyuki Hold but it was out of stock 🙁

  2. Hey could you review higher price onahole more often ? Such as like Lilith Uterus , Venus Real Male , or hips like Wonder Ring Poco Pen

    1. In the near term, no. In the coming months, if Omocha Dreams or Tomax themselves want to provide a sample, maybe. Best option: an USA guest reviewer who bought them from Queen Cat.
      (bet if Tomax allowed NLS or otonaJP to sell their products worldwide, they would be reviewed on the blog since long)

      1. I recently picked up a Lilith Uterus and would be happy to write a guest review of it if you are interested. I think it’s a toy that would fit will with your site.

        Anyway, if you are interested I’d be happy to write an in-depth review.


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