Virginal Bloom Junketsu Puremia

Today, we will be looking at the Virginal Bloom Junketsu Puremia from Magic Eye’s which was kindly sent to me by the awesome staff of Motsu Toy’s !

Appparently, it seems that a cute anime girl is trapped inside the box with her butt and pussy exceeding from the top… will you be a valorous knight and save her ? Or a perverted prick and fuck her while she’s anable to defend herself from your rock hard cock ? The choice is all yours… x)

Enough waiting around, let’s start the review !


WOW, This sure is an interesting concept… Look at that !


Guess it’s time for a quick explanation ? That’s pretty simple actually, with this onahip Magic Eye’s attempted to reproduce a sorta situation where the girl you’re going to fuck is litteraly trapped inside the box (kinda like Girl in the Box) but this time they adapted the packaging in order for you to use it like a base stand. As shown on the pics you’ll find pre-cut opening, one on the top where you’ll place the onahip and an other one on the side which will show you the cute tits of this girl.

Once setup is done, you’re then supposed to fuck her like this… or at least try, because for me it didn’t work at all.



Interesting packaging. But personnaly I’m really not a fan, both for its design and intended use. The box is really big so you might encounter storage issue, also the cardboard litteraly broke when I tried using the hip as indicated on the pics. It was bad, just a useless and annoying experience. Guess Magic Eye’s tried something here by improving the use of the box along with the product, but it’s litteraly a failure.

Are they even trying their crazy idea before selling those product ? Just wondering…


This is actually how you’re supposed to open the box. We agree this system is strange right ? Never seen such a thing before…

Concerning the design itself, I’m not a fan either. Sure the girl does look cute but the colors, text and depicted pics simply sounds like a big mess. Box’s design such as Sujiman Kupa CocoloLa vie en ROSESDisgraceful Oppai Body or Sujiman Kupa Lolinco Virgo really looks better all the way for me.


The content of the box are: The onahip and a small and useless stick of lube (as usual with Magic Eye’s…)




The shape of the hip looks really beautiful, and mainly those cute ass cheeks (grabing them feels awesome). The design of the pussy lips is amazingly well done, cute and exciting ! The asshole is not as nice though, but I don’t really mind. However this flat base full of stretch mark and scratches isn’t really appealing. I understand its required for the use of this hip, but it still doesn’t look really good and its a bit annoying when using it.

Material is smooth, even though it was oily as hell when I first opened it. I didn’t notice any strong factory smell though…


The hip is rather big and heavy, standing at over 2Kg (yes it’s a big pair of ass). It contains a vaginal and anal tunnel which are both double layered, with the pussy being made out of a dark red color while the anal is light pink. I would have prefered a cute pinkish layer for both though, dark red makes me think like this is the pussy of an old women… (for a lolicon, not the best)

Both tunnels are connected for cleaning facilites I suppose (even though it doesn’t really help).


Wait, did they seriously pixelized the pussy only ? Ohhh man Japan, what is wrong with you’re fucked up censorship…

Since the hip is in doggy position, the pussy is facing down while the asshole is on the top (obvious, isn’t it ?)



The sensations provided by this hip are… nice. I personnaly found it wasn’t anything mind-blowing as I saw in many comments on retailer’s website though. It felt just good. The tightness was fine, but there wasn’t any vacuum. So sometimes the sensation was a bit plain and boring…

Out of the two, the pussy again was by far my favorite hole. Each time I use this hip, I go for the pussy first and then everytime I cum, it’s deep down inside the womb (wait there is no womb actually…). Its double layer helps providing a nice sensation all along the tunnel, without being overly tight so you can actually stroke yourself at an average pace or keep it slow if you prefer taking your time.

Apart from using it on your laps like any regular onahole, for example while watching hentai, reading doujinshi, playing eroge or whatever you like… the main asset of this hip is when you’re using it on a table, hand free.Sensations are multiplied and it feels really good on the head of your penis (due to the shape of the vagina). The only difficulty to me was to find a table tall enough to place it correctly for my size…


Considering the ass, there is nothing really special to say. It’s maybe a bit more tight but the tunnel itself doesn’t provide a 1/3 of the feeling produced by the pussy. It’s just lame, straight and boring… I rarely use it to be honest, or maybe only a few times if I don’t want to climax right away, it helps me regaining stamina. Other than that, it’s an other hole included to the hip so that’s good, but honestly the pussy only is enough for me.



Cleaning is kinda annoying since everything always stay stuck at the bottom of each tunnels. Same for drying, you have to take your time and dry it carefully if you don’t want mold to grow in some spots.


This is probably the worse thing with this onahip, its durability is bad. Mine arrived and a part of the asshole was already torn apart… Now it is really in bad shape, even though I only have it since a couple of month. Countless tears in the pussy/anal layer, entrance of both the vagina and the ass are broken (opening were way too small), marks on the outside and the layer of the pussy is also detached at the bottom of the tunnel… *sigh*


This onahip is by far not my most favorite among all those that I’ve already tried. Despite a good design and average materials, the sensations are nothing as good as indicated on the description. The pussy worth a try, the asshole is useless. The entiere marketing about fucking the box and stuff is pointless because impossible and poorly designed. Among that, the durability is horrible. I think I’ve never had a product in such a bad shape after this amount of time.

Hence, I can hardly recommand this product mostly if you’re a bit bigger than average once erected (product won’t handle it). Don’t waste your money, there are better and cheaper onahip on the market.

Virginal Bloom Junketsu Puremia
  • 6/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 6/10
  • 4/10
    Materials and cleaning - 4/10
  • 5/10
    Packaging and addons - 5/10
  • 5/10
    Price - 5/10


+ I like the design (love grabing that ASS!) + Innovating use for the packaging + The feeling on the outside is great, smooth and neat ! + The pussy feels really good
– Despite an innovating packaging, I don’t like it because it simply doesn’t work – Bad design of the box – Lame sensation in the ass, pussy only would have been better and maybe cheaper = useless – Material isn’t durable at all. Be sure to encounter tears in the layer, scratches, and even more… – Cleaning and drying is shit
User Review
2.5 (2 votes)

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  1. Thank you. This is exactly how I felt about it.
    I bought it because “Extreme Pleasure Hip Mini 2 Rika Mari” was out of stock on toydemon… and bought this… I should have listened…
    Guys buy something else don’t repeat my mistake.

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