Disgraceful Oppai Body

Back when I was in my last year of highschool, I remember our economy teacher taught us during several courses how innovation was the key to promote new product on the market. Maker can’t keep up producing a product based on the same idea all the time. Otherwise, customer will soon get bored and the sales of the item will get worse and worse.

That’s why investing in research is the key to improve sales. Makers have to be passionnate, creative and most of all, they need to have a LOT of imagination.

And now, Magic Eye’s decided to release one of their last creation entiteld ~ Disgraceful Oppai Body or Yarashii Oppai in Japanese.

This. Ladies and gentlemen, is what I call innovation. Innovation, at it’s peak.


First let’s take a look at the oppai box ~


Let’s get directly to the point: The box itself looks really nice. Lots of different colors, nice picture of the product, details about the inner structure and even a short story on the side ! It’s really funny once you’re able to understand it ^^

Also a big artwork of an anime girl at the front with her nipples barely visible and her leg wide open fuck we can’t see her pussy! I bet she’s waiting for you to come undressing her and start liking and playing with her HUGE boobs ? But beware, this cutie seems to be squirting milk.

Like lots of milk. TONS of milk ! Be sure to drink it all ok ?


For those of you who want to try reading it, but it seems she needs help to wipe her nipples. Will you help her out ?

Now let’s get down to it. Why is this onahole so original comparated to the other ? To put is simply, because this one has the particularity of “squirting” milk through the boobs while you’re fucking it.

Need more explanation ? Ok.

You put your erected member inside and if the lube you’re using is fluid enough (like Onatsuyu ~ Female Nectar Lotion or PEPEE 360 Wankers), then it’ll get through both of the tunnel leading to the nipple.

Need more ? Well, just look at the picture down bellow then ~


That’s how it will look like. Pretty erotic isn’t it ? I bet it would be better with white lube since it would look similar to milk, but anyway… Oh yeah I forgot to mention but my dick was inside while I took this pick, otherwise you wouldn’t have been able to see the fluids licking out from both nipples. Hopefully you can’t see her, muhahaha !


Concerning the onahole’s inside structure, it’s rather straight and lame… nothing that special here, the tunnel is made of ribs up to the bottom. No bumps, dots, G-spot or parts where it gets a bit tighter or loosen. Also the insides are double layered, as most onahole from magic eye’s. I’ve been using this product since a rather long time now and so far I didn’t notice ANY tear, scrathes or whatsover.

I know way to well how the layer from Magic Eye’s can be shit sometimes and start being damaged after only 2 or 3 uses…

But it seems that they improved it on this one, the quality looks better and more durable.


Now let’s talk about the outside and the measurement. The size is perfect since it fits nicely in your hand so that you can have a good grip on it. And with those huge breast, it’s even better since you can also play with them while faping !

The lengh from top to the bottom is 163cm, the depth is 8.6cm and the width is 9cm. Honestly, that’s a fairly good size for such an onahole. Plus, the weight of 620g helps providing more sensation. I didn’t notice any problem concerning the lenght of the inner tunnel. I oftently have this problem of hitting the bottom with my glans when onahole are too short. But with this one, it’s fine. Plus, the outside material seems really stretchable, smooth and durable.


This is how it looks like when you open it up. As always with Magic Eye’s you simply get a sample of lube good for one or two time. But I don’t like it, way too sticky and gets dry way too fast.

Also did you notice the bag in which the onahole is delivered ? It’s made out of paper or something like this ands it’s way better than the older ones. I hope Magic Eye’s will keep doing this for their new product.

I didn’t notice any out of the box smell after the first opening, or stickiness to the onahole. Everything was fine and smooth =)


The onahole itself looks really beautifull and is really well shaped, even though I’m a Lolicon who don’t like huge breast. It would have been better if the nipples were also painted in pink though, it looks kinda weird like this… otherwise I love the pussy with this tiny little clit and the belly button.

Now let’s talk about the most important thing, the feeling. As I said previously, it DOES feels good I can’t deny that. Mostly with good lube and an onahole warmer, first penetration is like reaching the heaven’s gate, litteraly !

It’s rather tight, even though the tunnel is lame with only ribs on the sides.

But… even though if I try to compare it to other tremendous onahole I’ve already tried from Magic Eye’s such as La vie en ROSES, Sujiman Kupa Lolinco, La Bocca Della Verità or Sujiman Kupa Rina this one is a bit disappointing.

The lube and breast thing is truly the only original aspect of this product. And it has it’s default…

  • First, it’s messy as fuck. Of course, I’m not surprising anyone here, but if lube keeps pourring out from the nipples, it’ll leak along the outside and since you’ll still be faping thing will end up in a real messin a couple of minutes. So Rends Ona Apron are perfect to use with this onahole
  • Now, lube is sometimes expansive I bet you all agree on that. Most of the time, I try to spare it as much as possible. But here, since everyhting comes out from the nipples I’m forced to refill it again, again, again, and again until I cum. And during this time, I’m wasting SO MUCH lube for… nothing ? Honestly it’s a shame and it doesn’t worth it at all. You can still trying with stickier lube but I’m unsure of the result
  • Last, lube gets dry incredibly fast. Of course, since there are two holes from the nipple air gets inside and… dry your precious lube. So each time I’m using it, it’s always annoying me because it already feels dry after a couple of minute, even with the best onatsuyu !

Considering the cleaning, one word: EASY

It’s really not complicated to wash this toy, since the inside tunnel is straight you can pull everything out with your finger in a couple of minutes seconds ! And drying is also really quick, I’m now used to dry it partially with a towel and then letting it rest on my office until the morning. So that it’s all clean and the inside are completly dry.

As usual, if you want to experience a soft feeling, simply use cornstarch or baby powder from time to time.

So to  sum it up, this onahole is perfect if you want to waste all of your lube and making messy faping session. To me, it doesn’t really worth it even if considering the material it’s the best I’ve ever tried from Magic Eye’s.

I agree being original and stuff is important, sometimes it works well but here it’s kinda failure. Plus, I find the price a bit expansive for what you get… spending between 30$ to 40$ for an onahole which will use all your lube for nothing ? Meh…

  • 5/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 5/10
  • 10/10
    Materials and cleaning - 10/10
  • 8/10
    Packaging and addons - 8/10
  • 7/10
    Price - 7/10


+ Nice box, I like that milk squirting girl :3 + Very good and durable material + Looks nice, very well shaped + Good size + Good sensation but could be better… + Cleaning and drying is easy + It gets really smooth and fresh once you’ve powdered it with either cornstarch or talcum
– Price is a bit too high – Wasting too much lube due to this breast thing – Insides gets dry really fast – Messy as fuck
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