Electric Deep

Once in a while, I get curious about electric stuff. The kind of toy you just have to turn on and then you can lean back and enjoy the trip towards orgasm. Today, let’s talk about Electric Deep, a “sex machine” made by Youcups !


While Japanese companies made so many different plastic-rubber “penis sleeves” (and the best ones in the world, at that), and while Japan remains the land of fun electronics, one may wonder why there’s so few electric vibrating goods aside “shoulder massagers”. That’s really a market segment western companies like Fun Factory or Lelo are really good at, and barely challenged by Japanese companies (I mean, a couple tries by ToysHeart ? And did I see Tamatoys shyly trying vibrators for clits/vaginas ?).

So, let’s give Youcups a chance.

I have zero information about that company. And innovation is not their strength, as I see their toys being inspired by Spider’s cups, SOMA’s “shakers”, or vibrating rings I totally saw coming from Netherlands somewhere. So yeah. Electric Deep !

Box illustration


The toy, measurements, some details… no anime girl.

Box and content


Toy, plastic tray, USB charging cable, leaflet for instructions in English.


18 cm total length, but you’ll use only the ~5 cm with your tip


4.8cm width, but as you can see, it’s meant to “squeeze” your tip


And a cheap connector for the USB charging cable. That’s sad because nowadays most vibrator charging plugs use magnetic contact (see: MacBook) or even induction. USB being one of the most universal connectors, all international goods should use USB or micro-USB. They totally could have used a micro USB port there, at least πŸ™

The toy itself is made of hard plastic, the joints are very visible and.. yeah not much engineering brain went into the design, it feels cheap. And before late, the charging cord (or the plug) could break.


It vibrates. 12 different vibration patterns, coming from a rotor through a kinda rubber membrane onto your penis tip. To turn on, long press on the single button. Cycle through the vibration patterns by pressing the button. To turn off, long press the button. A green light tells you it’s working, and a blinking red light tells you the power is getting low.

It says fully charged it can be used for 2 hours. Same duration for recharging, using 5V 500mA input. Nowadays you can use a pocket battery to expand your phone’s uptime or Electric Deep fun time, mine can output 2.1A which is enough for PokΓ©mon Go playing + slow internal battery recharge πŸ™‚


Yyyyyeah. I guess it’s fun ? It’s able to make me cum, and the semen collects at the bottom of the cavity from where it can easily be cleaned. However the orgasms are kinda lacking, and.. it ruins the play because my penis is all insensitived afterwards. I really don’t know how to include Electric Deep to my masturbation time..  a quick morning buzz ?

uh… another thing. After a session, I left it air dry on my shelf which is made of plastic, “hole downwards”. Minding my business, I go to bed and sleep, resting for the work Monday that was ahead. However I was ripped off my peaceful sleep  at 3:00 in the morning  by a loud drumming sound. No way in hell a neighbor was drilling holes in the walls at 3 in the Monday morning, right ?! Even if it pretty much sounded like it. Red alert, all systems activate, body self-defense mechanisms started, adrenaline rush and cold sweat to fight off any intruder. Light turned on, jumped out the bed, looked around… slowly walk towards the shelf… see and hear Electric Deep giving it’s best, happily vibrating. Somehow it turned itself on, in the middle of the night. Water made electric contact inside ? Dunno.

Since then, I downright hate that toy. Sure it didn’t physically hurt me like Virgin Cup, but the harm done was significant enough. Since then, I make sure to always leave it on until the battery dies out, only guarantee for me that it won’t brainfuck me awake again.

Hell, did the Vorze A10 Cyclone SA ever did such thing to me ? No, it didn’t. The prosecution piled up facts, it pleads guilty, the court found no attenuating circumstances, this toy is guilty and condemned to death by battery outage.


Even easier than onahole: put under water, rub stuff away, let dry.

Price / value

How to objectively judge the price after what I went through.. for any electric masturbator with included lithium-ion battery, this is good price. But for the low design/material quality and poor performance, that’s a no.

Oh I may actually take it apart to look how it’s made inside, maybe I can recycle the rotor and use it to enhance onahole fun..


Just a quick demo, to show the different vibration patterns.

Electric Deep
  • 3/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 3/10
  • 3/10
    Materials and cleaning - 3/10
  • 5/10
    Packaging and addons - 5/10
  • 3/10
    Price - 3/10


+ a Japanese try at making penis vibrators + lithium-ion battery + instructions leaflet in English
– cheap material – lacking design – unimpressive vibration patterns – can sometimes turn itself on in the middle of the night
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2 Replies to “Electric Deep”

  1. It’s hilarious to me that you put the lithium-ion battery as a positive, i remember watching a youtube video about how the “hover boards” set on fire due to the batteries inside them which were of said type.

    Naturally the scientist in the video debunked how such an effect is with only bad quality batteries but it was still funny to think about using this then all of a sudden having your dick spontaneously combust.

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