Ona Rhythm

From NLS comes this penis “sleeve” vibrator, a product demonstrating how the industry slowly moves towards affordable sex robotics. Is Ona Rhythm a good product ? Let’s find out !


Thanks to new technology it is now possible to have pocket-sized objects fulfilling our needs that include a battery providing the required power, and rechargeable using nothing more than an USB cord.

While electric plugs are the common tourist’s nightmare, like marginally every electronic device plug, blessed be the USB Implementers Forum for (trying to) keeping things under control. Yeah there has been some mistakes (fuck you USB type B plug on printers), but nowadays you can mainly care only about USB-A, micro-USB and USB-C. Good thing USB 3.1-capable cords can still do USB 1.1.

Point is: sextoys who can be recharged on USB are great. May it be on your computer, on your phone (using an USB-OTG cord), your hotel room’s television USB port, or in some trains. Or harvesting the power of the Sun, thanks to portable solar panel.

Yet, Onahole Review faces a little problem with those: because lithium-ion batteries have a high risk of catching fire in case of damage, transportation by plane is often forbidden. That’s why Japanese sex shops doing business overseas often restrict to sextoys with AA or AAA batteries (.. who contain toxic corrosive chemicals, go figure).

Until the manufacturer could implement proper battery security in a protective shell, giving it greenlight for international air shipping. Like Ona Rhythm, made by NLS themselves !


The packaging is very discreet: a plastic wrap around a breathing toy bag.

What does the label say ? Let’s Google Translate:

uh. 4500 rotation per minute “training device” ? Holding the button for 2 seconds to switch on/off. And the various modes: “flat”, “accelerated”, “high speed”, “continuous” and “strength alternating”.

Simple and straightforward.


Upon opening, you’ll find the toy in plastic wrap, and the USB cord.


Simple smooth design, with black and white colors. Right from the start, the similarity with the portal device from the Portal video games is striking:

At the base of the toy, a little white plug protects a little hole, where you connect the USB cord to recharge the toy.

During charging, the LED on the button is flashing. When the charging is complete (takes an hour or so), the LED remains on. The battery has 400 mAh capacity.

The inside of the toy is made of a soft membrane, with a few ribs to prevent your dick from sliding away, and two flaps to make the toy “hug” the penis and keep attacking it with vibrations.


Sooooo where do I start 😁

You surely sometimes play with the shower head, right ? Directing the water flow onto your genitals and enjoy a nice “tickling” sensation ? Ona Rhythm uses a similar technique, making the penis feeling good by “tickling” it instead of the more common onahole-principle of in-out.

The toy firmly hugs the penis and vibrates all around it, but especially on the ultra-sensitive place below the glans at the underside: the frenulum. Even at the lowest setting, Ona Rhythm has no trouble triggering an erection if you started limb.

The settings go:

  1. a continuous, low vibration, which can already lead to orgasm after ~5 minutes if you’re sensitive and horny
  2. a continuous, medium vibration, to step things up
  3. a continuous, strong vibration, to pull the orgasm out of yourself within minutes
  4. a cyclic vibration with a frequency of 2 per second (pattern:  _╔╗_╔╗_╔╗_╔╗_  )
  5. a mixed vibration in a 2 per second loop alternating a few small vibrations followed by a longer stronger vibration  (pattern:  _┌┐_┌┐_┌┐_╠══╣_┌┐_┌┐_┌┐_╠══╣  )

I often just bring me to edge with the first setting, then cum with the third. I came a few times with the 4th and 5th settings, with mixed results of “confused dick” and somehow “half-canceled orgasm” feeling ^^

Orgasm with the Ona Rhythm is quite fun since the dick isn’t sliding at all, it gets a bit “confused” on when to stop the “peak” to proceed with ejaculation. Several times I was left “struck” at the peak of orgasm for a few seconds, all muscles tensed up, before finally the balls “got the order” of shooting out the semen, bringing an end to that peak.

Due to the increased sensitivity of the glans during and immediately after orgasm, Ona Rhythm can then feel somewhat overwhelming, and turning it off requires pressing the button for 2 seconds while “agonizing” at the continuing vibrations 😂

All in all, Ona Rhythm makes for a great porn-watch companion while having your hands busy elsewhere, and I’m pretty sure it’s a nice little tool for femdom/BDSM to make him whimper and beg as it buzzes his dick insensitive.


Waterproof hooray ! The cleaning is extremely simple: shoot some water in and around, clean with some soap (using your hands or a little sponge), clear, pat dry, and store it in it’s toy bag until it’s completely dry.

Don’t forget to charge it, as the battery may be enough for 2 sessions, but on the third you may experience the vibration decreasing somewhat and the toy turning off by itself !


NLS achieved here a pretty nice toy, affordable and still using a rechargeable battery, with a slick design and simple commands. I may be a nerd, but in case of sextoys it’s better when there’s just one button for everything.

The included toy bag is a very good idea.

While there’s some margin, people with bigger/thicker penises may have trouble getting properly “hugged” by the toy, and the toy having trouble to operate it’s vibrators. The dildo in the video below may be the limit ^^

On the functions, the one-button design kinda restricts the number of vibration patterns you should cycle on, so the included 5 patterns seem okay to me although I’d replace the medium-continuous vibration by a… random pattern, where the toy randomly selects how strong to vibrate and for how long before the next random select, making it always an unique and confusing play session 😋

The cleaning is hassle-free, and the charging time is okay. Well done !


Ona Rhythm
  • 7/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 7/10
  • 10/10
    Materials and cleaning - 10/10
  • 8/10
    Packaging and addons - 8/10
  • 8/10
    Price - 8/10


+ great product design + included toy bag + built-in battery with USB charging + one-button control + various vibration patterns + quickly brings you to orgasm + affordable
– charging cable is not magnetic
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