Seducing Witch

Crafted with love by the happy folks at ToysHeart: Vacuum Warning ~ Seducing Witch ! ToysHeart sure takes it’s time to create awesome stuff, so sometimes they miss interesting deadlines like, for this one, Halloween. Well, there’s no pumpkin anywhere […] Read More


MELT, by Magic Eyes. What do we got here πŸ™‚ Oh yes, another “monster” Magic Eyes gave birth πŸ™‚ Monster or Alien, whatever floats your boat. Mmmh such organic shape. As you can see, the packaging is kept to a […] Read More

Onasheet Monster

Look at them. Pieces of soft TPE with dangerous structures. Perfect for fantasizing about dirty stuff with tentacle monsters and alike. Pour some lube on it… and get started ! (for those with very sensitive glans like me, this feels […] Read More

GuchoMon Pocket

The GuchoMon Pocket series, from Magic Eyes. On the left: “Eight”. On the right: “Omega”. I got the latter. Okay, it fits in the pocket. This onahole is pretty small and tiny with its 12 cm. Let’s look inside. Interesting […] Read More

Onaho Fairy

Edit: the post has been updated with the new packaging. Here is the previous one: In two months of now ToysHeart will release a limited edition: nothing new, except the illustration (don’t blame them too much, it was voted on […] Read More