Mouth of Truth Ochobo Guchi mini

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Back to the roots, and back to a Magic Eyes blowjob product: La Bocca Della Verità aka. the Mouth of Truth, Ochobo Guchi mini version!

One golden cow the Magic Eyes staff haven’t milked dry yet are the Mouth of Truth themed onaholes. Starting with the first Mouth of Truth, continuing with lubricant, and a version with more tongue fun, Magic Eyes then turned to “mini” size edition, quite logically illustrated with a loli. Let’s take a look!


La verità è figlia del tempo, says the box (“the truth is the daughter of time”). Meaning that over time, the truth always eventually comes out. Lies are short-legged. Truth prevails, no exceptions. 💟

innocenza fanciullesca, “childlike innocence”. Like a bare-chested loli trying to gobble down a huge banana, risking to dislocate her jaws by pushing it inside whole. Although yummy, eventually she’ll need to use her teeth! Have your daily fruits, kids.

For the box illustration, Magic Eyes reused the original Mouth of Truth character and giving it a cuter more chibi-like appearance, matching the “mini” characteristic of the toy. It’s plenty cute alright, and better a banana than a cucumber or eggplant.

Although I remain puzzled about what’s happening in the comic strip, guy slightly embarrassed to buy a sexual-satisfaction toy from a short shopkeeper with twintails (no thanks Google Translate struggling with vertical Japanese), I’m confident someone at Magic Eyes has been too insistent about the “security hole in HENTAI” line 👀 Moving on, quick!


Inside the box, you’ll find the toy inside a plastic tray, and also a 15mL lubricant sample from Magic Eyes, which should amount for about 2 comfortable lubrications.

In short: the usual Magic Eyes package.


The Mouth of Truth Ochobo Guchi mini is a closed-bottom onahole, but is actually different from a simply shrunk Mouth of Truth.

Let’s start with the main cleaving aspect of the Mouth of Truth series: the teeth. They are made in a harder plastic material, and gently scrape along the shaft. It’s not a “scratching” sensation, but it’s there, adding a little bit of the “blowjob” experience. Some love it, some hate it, some don’t mind it. Nevertheless, it is possible to pluck out the teeth from the toy (as you can see above they are rather deeply embedded into the TPE rubber, but still carefully removable without completely ruining the inner layer). Since I like, I kept them.

Next, the tongue. See, the Mouth of Truth have a “tongue” part that is mostly a gimmick, but allow to “roll” it around the head for a teasing. For the Ochobo Guchi mini the tongue is quite too small for anything amazing, unlike, say, the Perorin version (where this is it’s main feature).

On the “roof” above the tongue a wavy structure provides sensations, not exactly anatomically correct but yyyyyeah.

Further down comes the “throat”, a narrower passage across bumps, tightening around the penis head while not being wide enough to provide any significant suction effect.

As with the original Mouth of Truth, Ochobo Guchi mini brings the basics inspired from a human mouth to accompany you into blowjob or irrumatio fantasies, but in pocket-size. Upon opening, it releases a rather significant smell, and it saddens me Magic Eyes doesn’t seem to improve on that. And also comes with another Magic Eyes’ product vulnerability: over time, the junctions of the “lips” start tearing open. Too big banana.


Being the sister-product of the original Mouth of Truth is tough, considering it’s what many (including me) consider the best mouth-type onahole as of today. Ochobo Guchi mini may not present itself as a direct competitor to it, merely a small version, but the quality expectations are still high.

About the teeth, tongue and roof/palace, yup yeah I happily welcome similar sensations than with the original Mouth of Truth: the gentle scraping of the teeth, the light wobbling of the tongue against the frenulum, the roof waves sliding past the glans…

But it’s shortly after that I hit a problem: the bottom. Already. With it’s ~10cm hole depth, many users will also have to choose whether to keep the insertion shallow, or forcing some stretching at the bottom. Thus, despite the similar structures, the mini version’s throat gives out less intense sensations, less of the “tightening wrapping” effect that mimics the deepthroat experience.

The imagery of the banana comes back to mind: the mini struggles too much.

To preserve the experience, try as much as possible using a thin lubricant. I mean, try watering down the included lubricant so it becomes more saliva-like. Just enough to be comfortably sliding in and out at the deepest portion. Now that’s better!

Nevertheless, Ochobo Guchi mini doesn’t give out in-depth sensations, and not exactly shines as penis-head teaser either. It’s more an onahole for a specific fantasy than the other way around. A lolicon companion.


Compared to the Mouth of Truth, indeed it’s smaller size means easier cleaning. The Ochobo Guchi mini should absolutely not be turned inside out (lips junction tearing), and instead carefully cleaned by rinsing with water, and applying soap with the fingers.

Carefully make sure to also clean behind the teeth, under the tongue, inside the throat…


Mouth of Truth Ochobo Guchi mini doesn’t make into my main onahole selection and thus won’t be used more than a few times each month, because it’s rather weak on a purely masturbation point of view. For the sensations it gives, the original Mouth of Truth does better. And I’m not in a situation where I must be able to tuck the toy hidden inside my jeans pocket.

This onahole suffers from the usual Magic Eyes issues, notably the out-of-the-box smell, and the material tears quite easily (especially at the junction of the lips).

With the size constraint, no real vacuum chamber could be made. Thus, no real “suction”. Which is quite a killjoy for a mouth toy. That’s the real icing on the cake missing for the original Mouth of Truth in my opinion, but as-is the Ochobo Guchi mini can’t do any better. Sure it’s about 30% cheaper than it’s big sister product, but that one’s not exactly expensive on the onahole markets so this not a relevant argument.

What’s left to save face? The packaging.

Perhaps you would absolutely pick the Ochobo Guchi mini for it’s cute character, and the very fact that it’s a small toy. You are the architect of your own fantasies, after all~

Mouth of Truth Ochobo Guchi mini
  • 8.3/10
    Appearance - 8.3/10
  • 3.5/10
    Sensations - 3.5/10
  • 6.4/10
    Price - 6.4/10


+ cute character
+ design
– weak material
– shallow hole depth
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