Maid in Fella

“My mouth ? Sure yes, goshujinsama !”, as your maid bends forward and welcomes you in her wet mouth. ToysHeart with a fellatio-onahole for all masters out there, and provided by NLS ! Maids. A traditional fantasy in otaku culture […] Read More

Superb Fella 3

You guess there are “Superb Fella” 1 and 2: Improvements. The packaging is pretty good, even if I’m not really into busty women. Comes with a little bottle of lube. The material is good and the overall structure is well […] Read More

Give me your milk!

A fellatio-onahole by RENDS. Let’s take a look at that. Notice the shape of the package: 5 sides instead of 6. Pretty unique. And..  Shimapan spotted ! “Kitty” is hungry and wants some “milk”. I do approve the illustration, pink-haired […] Read More

Fera Zoma

A blowjob onahole. You see the “mouth-form”, right ? It is an evolution from a previous one, “Fera Master”. Greatly improved, actually. ToysHeart has some amazing history. On insertion, your thing gets nicely wrapped between a ribby top and a […] Read More