Saliva of the Truth

La Bocca Della Veritร  ; The Mouth of Truth is without any contest the most popular blowjob onahole on the market and one of the bestseller product of Magic Eyes. But to enhance the experience, don’t you think it would be a lot better to use a lube that replicate a girl’s saliva ? Seeing those slimmy string of slobber on her lips while your dick is deep inside her mouth would truly be something unique…

And Magic Eyes knows it, so that’s why they also came up with this same idea and decided to create a dedicated lube to use with her and supposed to mimic the human saliva. Amazing add-on right ? =)

Let’s check this out !


First of all, the design of the bottle looks a lot similar to the original box of the onahole. The square shape, the colors, the same artwork… I guess they just tried to make it looks the same in order to convince the people to buy it in bundle with the toy, which is quite a good idea actually.

Other than that, there is nothing that special to say about the packaging. As for the original one, the same girl is present on the front cover, her mouth half open and ready to swallow your thick member in order to make you cum buckets deep inside her throat.

We also have a short and funny storyboard about her. Magic Eyes always tends on doing stuff like this for each heroine of its packaging and I personnaly really love the idea =)

The square shaped bottle is very convenient. First it allows you to have a better hold on it for en easy use during your faping session. But its main asset remains to me the design of the cap which is awesome to refill your onahole without having to use your two hands.

Here you just have to unplug it with your thumb and it’ll open without any difficulty. Just think about wiping it from time to time with a tissue because all the strings of lube might end up making a mess and it wouldn’t be very hygienic…


Honestly this lube is really good, I would even say as good as my favorite one to date Onatsuyu ~ Female Nectar Lotion. The texture itself is a bit slimier which is very good since it’s supposed to mimic saliva, and it also makes quite a lot of drool strings that I personnaly really love and find super erotic.

That is of course the main selling point of this lube and I guess Magic Eyes once again succeeded at surprising me !

It just looks like those doujinshi/hentai scene were the girl’s mouth is full of all those slimy “juices”. So it’s really arousing, and I must say with the pretty realistic design of La Bocca Della Veritร  ; The Mouth of Truth witnessing such a thing can only enhance the pleasure ! (both visual and physical xd)

However I wouldn’t compare it to REAL human saliva. Sure the texture is more liquid, but it’s still far from the real thing. Well it remains articifial lubricant after all, so that was to expect.

Concerning it’s effectiveness, it’s also very good. I usualy don’t need to refill my onahole more than 1 time before getting the job done. I would say the lube can hold up to 20 minutes before starting to get dry which is a very good period when you compare it to other lube.

Also from what I’ve seen, it doesn’t really seems to leave any stains on your clothes or towel so that’s an other valuable point since due to it’s viscosity it might end up pouring out from your hole and make a mess on your chair.

By the way that is the only little default of this lube. It’s really slimy so if you apply too much everything will leak out and be wasted. So beware of only using a bit if you don’t want to empty your entiere bottle in one go.


Cleaning is fairly easy too. Just like onatsuyu, it does not take a lot of time to wash your onahole clean since the lube gets off with only a bit of water. At some spot you might wanna have to rub a bit more, but usualy just rincing it under the faucet should gets all the juices out.


Saliva of the Truth is yet an other outstanding product from Magic Eyes. It’s nothing too fancy, just a regular lube to use mainly with all your blowjob onahole (La bocca and others included). But it still changes a bit from traditionnal lubricant with those string of drool and this slimy texture that gives quite a nice feel to it.

To those who are planning on purchasing La Boccร , and even to those who already own her, I highly recommend to give this product a try. Trust me, the experience will only be better =)

Saliva of the Truth
  • 10/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 10/10
  • 10/10
    Materials and cleaning - 10/10
  • 10/10
    Packaging and addons - 10/10
  • 10/10
    Price - 10/10


+ Convenient bottle + Nice artwork/packaging + Easy to use + Great cap + Awesome texture (slimy + drool strings) + Easy to wash + Does not leave stains + Bottle can last for a long time + Super attractive price + If you own La Bocca dela Verita, it’s a MUST BUY !
– It’s not a 100% like a real girls drool. But how cares ? 3D is shit anyway xD
User Review
3.27 (11 votes)

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6 Replies to “Saliva of the Truth”

  1. Toujours aussi bon pour vendre du rรชve ce Cr4zyDuck ๐Ÿ˜›

    Merci pour cette review ! Je l’attendais avec impatience haha ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Content quelle te plaise dans ce cas et merci pour ton commentaire, sa me fait super plaisir ! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. They shaped the bottle so that it fits perfectly in the Bocca Della box! It’s good for this hole and thick enough that it doesn’t hurt.
    Superb Fella 4 came with very saliva like lube. Does anyone know of anything similar?

  3. Now we need a lube that accurately looks and smells like pussy juice and I’ll be a happy camper. I know that there are lubes that has those themes but they are just regular lubes with a perfume smell.

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