HANJUKU ! (Half Mature)


Hello fellow fappers, I’m AnonymousD, presenting you a new onahole, HANJUKU ! (Half Mature). Made by EXE!

This product was provided to me for a review by OtonaJP!


Long time without making a review! But don’t worry, here I bring you another loli onahole *u*


She looks so cute! And maybe she is a bit tsundere too <3

So I’m not sure if to call this a hip-onahole (very large sized onaholes) or just a regular-big onahole, she is kinda in between, sort of like Sakura. I’ll let you decide, but for now, let’s see the packaging!


That’s a really cute detail, a few chibi artworks of the character for you when you open the box, and she looks great <3


So the contents are: the onahole, and a small plastic bag of lube. I would have preferred a small bottle, considering it’s a mid-high tier onahole.



Here a few pics of the onahole and video.

The belly button feels very nice, it’s not too deep, but it’s fun to touch and grab the onahole by it while fapping, good detail.
The onahole it’s nicely shaped. The vulva might not be too great, but looks nice.

This onahole it’s different from all the onaholes I’ve had before. It’s the way it’s built, a hard material on the outside, and a big and thick inner structure, where the material does not just cover the walls, but it’s the wall itself. The inside layer it’s like Puni Virgin 1000 Fuwatoro, it’s really soft, and the feeling of putting your fingers inside it while washing the onahole it’s great, it’s just a very soft material in the inside, but supported by the hard layer on the outside. Stretching the vulva with your fingers, and twisting the onahole around just feels nice. It’s heavy too, 1,2 Kg, not too much, but considering it’s size it’s pretty good, feel nice on your lap. Anyway, let’s get to the main point.



This onahole feels… pretty good! The inside structure is nicely shaped, gives a good stimulus, the weight on your lap feels quite good too. The length it’s great as well, allowing you to cum freely inside her without the bottom wall bothering you. The entrance is very easy too, the way the lips are shaped hold well the lube, so you will not have any struggles penetrating her.

As for dakimakura sex, it works as well. The weight and size of the onahole allow it to stay still on the dakimakura while you hump her, and the feeling is really good. Normally I use only my hip-onaholes for dakimakura sex, while I use the small ones for normal fap. I use this one half of the time for each, it’s not too big to use with one hand, neither it’s not too small for dakimakura 😀

It looks like it has a strong suction, but unfortunately it doesn’t. The feeling is pretty good though, but it leaves me feeling like it could have been a lot better. The only thing I dislike of the onahole it’s the tightness, it’s a bit loose. But regardless that, just as the box says:


As you can hear from the video, it does make a bit of noise, but on your dick it does not sound as much, it’s fine to use if you have somebody next room 😉

Another thing to add, the onahole does not require much lube, just as much as any other small-sized one!


Cleaning it’s easy, the size is not too big so it goes easily under the faucet.



It’s a great onahole/hip onahole, the delicious soft insides give a good stimulation, and the added weight as well. It’s fun to touch the insides, and the cleaning it’s easy. The only downside is the tightness, but it still feels quite good.

  • 9/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 9/10
  • 10/10
    Materials and cleaning - 10/10
  • 8/10
    Packaging and addons - 8/10
  • 7/10
    Price - 7/10


+ Cute character, nice box design!
+ The material feels nice
+ Feeling is pretty good
+ It has a good size and the weight is good
+ Works for dakimakura sex
– A bit loose
– No bottle of lube

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11 Replies to “HANJUKU ! (Half Mature)”

  1. Wish I could have tried this one. If anyone knows a place where you can purchase this one please let me know.


  2. Hello AnonymousD,
    All my onaholes are are now broken accept for 17 Bordeaux, but that one is a little too intense for me so I want to get some new ones. I want something softer, with significantly less suction.

    For the larger ones, what would you recommend between Hanjuku, Puni Shuwa Mocchi 1000, and Kabejiri?

    For the smaller ones, what would you recommend between Gokusai Monster Alraune La Pucelle, Quattro Natural Girl, Puni Ana 3D, Sujiman Kupa Setsuna, and anything G-Project?

    1. Hello Electric-Gecko

      Sorry to hear that, sometimes happens to me too, too many onaholes broken or moldy… I’m slowly running out of onaholes, but I still have plenty, is just that I get bored of them.

      So for recommendations, I wouldn’t recommend Hanjuku too much unless your penis has a big diameter, as I mentioned in my review, it feels lose. Kabejiri feels alright, but I believe there are better medium-big sized onaholes, such as:

      I haven’t tried Fuwa 1000, but CrazyDuck is going to review it soon, so wait a few weeks and decide for yourself 🙂

      And for small ones, from all the onaholes you’ve mentioned, I’ve tried Quattro, which I love, but it broke a few days ago… it might happen to you too, but dunno… I think it’s worth a try, if you like soft onaholes with nice stimulation that onahole is amazing. As for G-Project I believe I’ve tried only one of their products, which is the viring 1000 fuwatoro, pretty good onahole. I’d also recommend you this one:

      Hope it helps 🙂

    1. The product itself looks great, knowing P.P.P I guess it’s some good quality. Plus the pussy is double layered and it looks cute. But to me at least the length of 13cm is WAY too short. It seems that it’s not a closed tunnel, so I suppose your dick will pass right through it (risk of lube going out / messy / lack of vacuum / lube’s drying quickly)

      For my length and girth, I don’t think it’s a good product. I’d rather go for the puni fuwa mochi 2000. Also I think Hanjuku will fit you the best.

  3. I already been using the “Puni Virgin 1000 Fuwatoro (Soft Edition)” for quite sometime already and it’s starting to wore out…. I was wonder of getting this instead or have you ever heard of the onahole ” Puni shuwa mocchi 1000″ ? I still can’t make a decision.. Any advise?

  4. It looks like an onahole for “western-size” penises, would you agree?
    it looks quite good and with a reasonable price, though would you recommend it for Asian penises?

    thanks for the review!

    1. Well, my penis is rather asian-sized, and I feel good with it, so yeah, I’d recommend it for asians, haha

  5. damn I was hoping to get the puni ana as first hip but since its price is still a bit high so I wonder if I should pick this instead.
    Some guys also said that dual layers isn’t really a good choice for hips in general as it wears out faster, how did it go for you? Anyway thanks for the review.

    1. Dual layers can break some times, but I doubt it will happen with this one, since the inner layer is very big, it’s not on the walls of a main layer like most onaholes, I doubt this one will wear out. I’ve had it for a short time, but I’d say go with this one 🙂

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