Alice in First Stage

I bet all of you guys already know Alice in Wonderland right ? I mean, the Disney version we barely all used to watch during our childhood. I personnaly wasn’t really a fan of this one, even at like 4 years old I already thought the story and character were fucked up as hell…

BUT that was before japanese artist knew about it ! Or should I say, japanese “sex” industry :3

Let’s be honest, this girl is just a 100 times cuter than her original sister ! Thank you Japan for being so awesome. And thank you for broadcasting your Moe culture all around the world. Desesperate otaku like myself NEEDS it, the world needs it, LOLIS  anime girl are meant to rule the world and I’m going to be their master ! Someday, the day will come, be ready, my brothers.

… anyway

AkaiHebi already reviewed a product from this (unknow?) brand called AliceStage. OtonaJP sent me this new one for review so let’s get down to it !



I must say this is definitely one of the most KAWAII (βŽΛƒα†ΊΛ‚) artwork I’ve ever seen on an onahole’s box. I don’t know about the artist who drew it, but it seem’s her name is Sayori-chan right ? o(>< )o

For once it’s not something lewd or perverted, and that’s great since at first sight people won’t know that THIS is actually a male masturbator !

Well, if they take a look at the back of the box they might end up knowing anyway though…


You see, onahole’s box are so nice and cute that instead of throwing them away I put them on display on my shelf ( ‒̀ω‒́ )Οƒ

But in a couple of weeks, workers will be coming at my home to make some check up of our radiator. They’ll be checking ALL of them, including the one in my room… so mum told me that until then I had to hide most of my hentai figure, poster, dakimakuras, bed sheet, games, manga and onaholes… such a pain in the arse ( ー̀Ρー́ )

But anyway let’s start by checking the box in details ~


Now I don’t know about you but I really love this box’s design ! Cute artwork, nice pics, lots of infos and text (which I can’t read…) That’s great, let’s check the inside !


So this is how it looks like when you open it up. We got the onahole itself wrapped in a reusable plastic bag and… a bottle of lube ? Mmmh, let’s check this out…


That’s a HELL of a surprise ! A bottle of lube based on the same character is included within the packaging. 145ML right ? That’s a fairly good amount for a start, very nice job here.

Now let’s talk a bit about this lube before continuing the review. The overall look of the bottle is great, exactly the same artwork as on the box. The plug is awesome for dispending, lube is well retained and doesn’t leak to make a mess. Plus, you can open it up with only one hand so that you won’t be bothered during your faping !

The overall quality of the lube is good and pretty much like my favorite one at this time, Onatsuyu ~ Female Nectar Lotion.

In a word, this simply is an awesome addon provided with your onahole !


As you can see, the onahole is safely wrapped inside a cute plastic bag. It’s not the typical kind of bag you would get with product from other company, I don’t know how it’s called… but it’s great because it’s reusable for storage facilities ! I also didn’t notice any fabric smell during the opening so that’s a good point.


The overall look of the onahole is rather… normal ? There’s truly nothing that special about it’s look, it’s just plain and simple. It doesn’t really bother me but still, I find it’s a bit… boring. Same for the entrance, you definitely don’t have the feeling of penetrating this cute virgin pussy for the very first time. That’s kinda disappointing…

Concerning the material, it’s great. Very smooth and it feels kinda durable, I used it during a couple of weeks and so far I didn’t notice any tears even at that small entrance hole.

All in all it’s rather a small and light onahole, kinda like Bangee Shake or Kirino (My little sister can’t be this tight). Easy to store and easy to hide on your way to the bathroom =)


I tried taking a picture of the inside but as you can see we can’t really see anything due to the color and lightning. So here is one of the only official release I was able to find ~


Mmmh, at first look the inside looks great ! However I think the onahole I received was defective because the shape of the vagina ended up deviating to the right once the ‘womb’ reached.  This resulted in an unpleasant sensation of seeing my glans poping out at each and every strokes…

Other than that, sensation are still rather nice. There are lot’s of different parts in here, bumps, curves, dots and a vacuum chamber to provide suction. Nice settings !

Now last but not least: the cleaning.


Uh, uhm… you, you said you want to help ? Well, I’m not against that but… it’s kinda, embarassing and dirty you know… girls shouldn’t do such disgusting thing, don’t worry I’ll be fine on my own !

Eee-eh, you don’t mind ? … you just want to help your daisuki goshu…j-ii-n… s..a…m…..a ?

*fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, FUCK ! She looks embarassed and her face is turning read… DAMMIT she’s so freaking cute (α—’α—£α—•)՞

Since it’s a rather a small onahole, you can turn it inside out without any problem to clean it properly. Pay attention to the drying though, otherwise you’ll get mold if the insides are still wet.

Now I want to catch your attention on one last thing, the powdering.

I saw that some people didn’t care about it, saying it was bad for the material and didn’t worth it. With this onahole, it’ll truly become a mess if you don’t do it, trust me.

Once dirt and shit get stuck to the outside, even if you keep washing it with soap and stuff, it won’t go off. Little by little your onahole will be more sticky and dirty.

Let’s be honest, figures, dakimakuras, onaholes, poster, shirts, bed sheet… if you’re an insane otaku like myself and you’re also breaking your bank for that stuff, than you might be aware that all those thing are EXPANSIVE. Seriously, for what you get you do pay a lot of money. So please, take care of your stuff if you want it to last long.

I’m personnaly using this brand of babypowder ~


So to sum it up, I’d say this onahole is perfect for beginner. You got a whole starting kit here:

  • The Onahole
  • A storage bag
  • Some awesome lube
  • a cute box!

Sensations are decent, the material is good too and you won’t have problems to store and to wash it. Plus the price is more than affordable for all the things you get, just think about baby powder and you’re good to go !

And of course, if you’re a huge fan of Alice in Wonderland or if you just fell in love with this cutie, then there’s no time to lose, just go for it dammit !

Alice in First Stage
  • 6/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 6/10
  • 8/10
    Materials and cleaning - 8/10
  • 9/10
    Packaging and addons - 9/10
  • 8/10
    Price - 8/10


+ Nice box, Alice-chan is so cute :3 + Very good and durable material + Good sensation + Cleaning and drying is easy + It gets really smooth and fresh once you’ve powdered it with either cornstarch or talcum + Affordable price + Bottle of lube and storage bag
– Outside looking isn’t very appealing – Hole deviated to the right (defect) – Gets sticky after washing
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6 Replies to “Alice in First Stage”

    1. The two from the middle are from “Seirei Tsukai No Blade Dance” ; the one on the left is from “Shinmai Maou No Testament”

      Figures are ~ Super Sonico “MAID outfit” by GIFT and the other one is Rika Shiraki from hentai and eroge series Bible Black. This one is made by Dragon Toy’s though.

  1. Noob in onaholes but is there a specific method to use them at their full potential? I’m just using them like I do with my hand but maybe there are some better technics?

    1. Not really. In fact I’m barely always using them as if I was proceeding hand masturbation. But there are some tricks like turning them back so that you can enjoy a new feeling, for most of my onahole I’m used to play like this and it feels really nice. Otherwise you can try daki-sex, but it’s kinda difficult with regular onaholes.

      Otherwise, you can invest in an insert air pillow with which you will be able to enjoy most of your onaholes. It feels really good because you don’t feel your hand wraping up around your dick so it definitely doesn’t feel like you’re actually masturbating. Plus, you can change cover according to your own preferences (like personnaly I own a loli and she looks so delicious!)

      I wrote a review just here if you want to have a look, hope I could help.

  2. Sayori is one of my favorite artists (Usually as a group named NekoWorks or NekoWorki). This artwork is rather old but still fantastic. I find this review good and I’m the one who almost never powder my stuff (Don’t know how much it’ll help).

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