Puni Fuwa Mochi 2000

Today is very special since I’ll introduce you one of the doggystyle-onahip I’ve been the most curious about since quite a long time now. Made by PPP and provided to me by the kind staff of MotsuToys, this product surprised me in many ways and is now indisputably one of my most favorite hip of my entiere collection.

You want to know more details ? Then let’s check this out ~


As one of the many brand of Hokuto’s Corporation (along with G-Project, Outvision and EXE), PPP is gradually becoming an iconic japanese maker in the whole onahole industry. With the release and the success of some new innovating product such as Fuwatoro Oppai, Magic Face, the Taimanin Yukikaze/Asagi onaholes or WOMB Onahole, we can probably say for sure that this brand is bound to become a huge contestant against the other main leader of the current onahole market like Toys Heart or Magic Eyes.

Considering my own experience with this maker, I used to only own two product from them before getting the Puni Fuwa Mochi 2000. Those were actually My Big Bro is a Perv and Chibiko Idol Sakura (click on each name to get to the review)

To be honest I didn’t really know much about that brand before but after having tried these product I soon became a fan of them. Packaging, sensations, the look of the product, the durability, the smell, the big bottle of lube always included… everything really pleased me and I never regretted any purchase !

My Big Bro is a Perv and Chibiko Idol Sakura are both truly awesome. They already each have a very nice review so there wouldn’t be much sense for me to review them a second time, but to keep it short My Big Bro is the best pocket onahole I’ve ever tried (very nice to take with you when you’re off on holidays) and Sakura-chan is without a doubt one of my main girl when it comes to “small torso” ~ however I encountered a few trouble with her because her insides were just way to small for my size… hence after repeatedly fucking her, I ended up tearing a hole at the back and she kinda became unusable (my dick was coming out as well as lube, sperm and other shit…)

But still I didn’t want to throw her away so I used my amazing soldering skill in order to save her and here is the result !

It looks bad, I agree.

BUT at least now I can fuck her again and so far the repairs holds on pretty well ! I also gained a few cm so I can get inside easier and it feels more comfortable than before !

I’m also not ashamed to say that the now unfindable and overpriced Twins Panic has always been the product for which I had the biggest crush. Two lolicious body on top of each other with those cute pinkish insides,  DAMN IT !

And look at that packaging !

I’ve always been super jealous of AkaiHebi for having the chance to own one (sshhh don’t tell him!), but now it’s just impossible to find a copy of this since PPP isn’t producing it anymore. ARGHH what a shaaaaame… seriously who the heck came out with the decision of stopping the line ? :/

You got it, what I truly love about that brand is the attention they pay to the product itself but also to the look of the box. Be honest, all those box looks just super cute and exciting ! (OF COURSE WITH ALL THOSE LOOOOLIIIIIS !)

Each one of them is actually based on a specific eroge with the main girl being drawn by different artist ~ for instance the one of Twins Panic was made by a girl. Yes a girl !! (her artist name is Emily)

You can visit PPP’s official website for more infos. It’s mostly in katakanas and hiragana and very intuitive so there shouldn’t be any difficulty to browse the pages.

See ? Even the design of their website rocks !

Yeah I love her so much I put her box on display LOL


Anyway, enough with the chit-chat, let’s get back to the Mochi 2000 ~

As I said before, most of the packaging from PPP usually features heroines from eroge (adult games in case you didn’t know). But with the Puni Fuwa Mochi 2000, it looks like the design is simply based on an artwork from Japanese artist Sumeragi Kohaku (すめらぎ琥珀) / her is his pixiv.

I couldn’t find any more informations on the origin of this girl, but at least we can all agree on the fact that she is cute and sexy as fuck ! That’s the most important right ?

I mean…

*cough, cough* 

Such an adorable blonde twintailed girl (from the looks of her I bet she’s a tsundere too) wearing a sailor uniform half removed with white innocent knee socks, a cute hair pin and, cherry on the cake, with such a lewd pose ~ her boobs compeltly exposed featuring an embarassed expression… you can also clearly see that she’s being teasing you with those fingers of her playing with her panties by pulling the string right inside her pussy…

Oh boy…

And now a few pictures of the box itself ~

As expected the packaging of this product is really good. It has a real MOE feel to it with all those cute stars scattered all over the box and those cute pinkish colors used for the text lines. To me once again, the packaging is top notch. Absolutely the perfect type of design for an onahole box.

Besides the box itself is really sturdy so perfect to store the product ! It shouldn’t get damaged anytime soon trust me =)


It’s really rare nowadays to be gifted with so many things… along with the hip comes a rather big bottle of lube as well as a cute pair of panties ! Of course, everything is carefully placed in a hard plastic box to avoid any dammages during the shipping. Even the onahip is wrapped in a second plastic bag to avoid any marks on it !

Really, really good work here PPP !

A short note on the lube ~ AnonymousD stated it in one of his review but the cap for displaying the lotion truly sucks. You have to be very careful otherwise you might pour much than necesseray. Besides the design of the bottle being truly ugly, the quantity is still really good for a free item (120ML) and the quality is really AWESOME! I would say nearly as good as the best lube every for me to date, Onatsuyu ~ Female Nectar Lotion.

The hip also comes with a cute pair of…. SHIMAPAN !! HOLLY FUCKING SHIIIT ! *.*

I really love the touch of adding those with the hip ! The quality isn’t bad at all and the colors are really nice ~ depending on the package you get, you might receive one with a different design though (I saw some with strawberries). However there is a small problem with those: the size is too big to fit the hip properly!

It’s a bit disapointing to be honest. If you’re providing those with your own product, you could at least insure that the size fits the hip…

Maybe somone with some good sewing skills could do something about this to adapt the size to the hip, but personnaly I truly suck when it comes to needles and shit so I’d settle with that and instead wear the panties on my head while faping.


First of all, let’s talk a bit about how this hip is structured.

You got two holes, an anal and a vaginal one. Both of them are connected near the end to end up to that exit hole which will be very useful for drying and cleaning. The insides of the ass are covered with ribs and ridges (both vertical and horizontal ones) while the shape of the tunnel is completly straight.

On the opposite, the pussy is covered with many dots and molded with a delightful curve leading upward to the end of the anal tunnel.

Of course due to the doggystyle shape, you’ll be able tu fuck her from behind but also from the front. Sensations change quite a lot and it’s really nice to have the choice between 4 different type of stimulation.

Concerning the size, this hip is rather small. At least comparated to the Meiki Cherry 2 AUTO it’s a bit smaller. In fact the lenght is only around 17cm (= about the size of my erected dick) so you won’t have the choice but to see your glans poping out from the exit hole at each trust. That’s just how it works.

The width is better though with a good 22cm for the butt. Thanks to that size, grabing her buttocks in doggystyle feels heavenly good and stimulating ~ the 2Kg being the cherry on the cake in terms of realism.

Let’s cut it short: the look of this hip is just super cute and adorable! I truly have no other words in mind to describe it. In fact, to me this product is simply the most beautiful doggystyle hip I’ve ever own or seen. That’s in big part why I wanted it so much ! Even on the promotional pics, I couldn’t take my eyes off it.

Those perfectly round and soft buttocks feels SO FREAKING GOOD ! Like… playing with her ass while fucking her pussy is so awesome and feels sooooo good ! That’s what I do the most when i’m using her actually xd

Also, just look at those cute puffy pussy lips. Could you honestly find anything cuter than this ? They are litteraly from a loli pussy and damn it looks just so beautiful ~ and I really love the way they are molded, I mean… they even took the time to add her small clit ! I won’t hide it, in fact I had a great time licking at her pussy in all the cardinal way before getting inside! It’s a real fetish of mine doing it with onaholes like this (not witch a 3D girl of course, urgh!)

2D IS BECOMING REALITYBest 2D pussy embodiment in an onahole I’ve ever seen… (the girl is Ekaterina Kurae from the ecchi series “Seikon no Qwaser”)

It’s soooo, sooooooooooooo yummy ! (and safe to lick of course xd)

Adding to that the material used which is really top notch, once again with PPP it’s the exact same one they already used for Sakura The Small Idol. Super smooth, doesn’t smell, feels super great to the touch, with a nice color, no factory smell and a good durabitly.

Better than perfect actually…

Inside of the anal tunnel (you can see the open ending)Inside of the pussy (with all the dots)

Right out of the packaging, you’ll notice that this hip doesn’t comes with any sort of disgusting factory smell. Instead it even has a rather sweet, girlish scent which looks similar to the Puni Ana SPDX.

It also isn’t sticky or oily at all like I already experienced with many product from Magic Eyes for instance… up to this date and knowing that I’ve been using her quite oftently since this winter, I only got a tiny little tear near the top of the asshole since the entrance is all in all quite tight to get through.

Other than that, nothing to report. Really great material and durability!


You know, people shouldn’t judge things by their sizes. It’s of course true for the size of a dick, but it’s even more meaningful when it comes to the Puni Fuwa Mochi 2000.

This. Onahip. Feels. Like. Fucking. A. Godess. Pussy.

Without a doubt and even among numerous other product that I own this hip is the one I use the most lately. Usually in doggystyle of course since it was molded for that but also in missionary position. Both feels really, really good.

At first I admit that I wasn’t really at my ease with that “penis poping out” thing. With all my current onahole, and even with all my big sized hip and torso, none of them had that kind of feature. Usually it was always a closed-ending were I could pour all my semen without a single care in the world.

With this one things are a bit different. There are no vacuum or anything since your penis will go right through the exit hole at each and every trust. I expected lots of trouble coming out of this gimmick (lack of sensations, tears, lube and cum dripping out resulting in a huge mess…) but actually I was wrong.

I don’t know how they did, but actually everything works perfectly. Lube isn’t making a huge mess by dripping on the sides since it always stays on the flat base around the exit hole. Sometimes it’s even good to reuse use by applying some on the tip of your dick. The exit hole still hasn’t got any tears and damn… that lack of vacuum for once is really enjoyable !

When your dick is completly out, the hole in which you’ll be inserted (either pussy or ass) will be clinging very tightly to your base. And god, this feeling is soo delightful !

It actually even allows your glans to rest for a bit, hence avoiding an over-stimulation which could leads in some cases to a loosened of your erection. Thanks to that gimmick, your should be able to hold on for quite a long time before explosing when you’ll be reaching your limits !

That’s something I particularly love about this hip. It really pushes you to your limits before enjoying an amazing climax.

Something I really love about hips is that they allows you to play a lot with them. With this one what I really enjoy is slaping her KAWAII 2Kg buttocks on my lap in a rather harsh way. It feels even more realistic, like if a real loli was riding my crotch and trying to milk out my erected dick with her warm, tiny wet pussy.

The tightness is average, just good for my tastes. However due to the realistic shape of her pussy, it’s sometimes a bit difficult to get inside. But that’s not that a big deal. Just use a spare hand to lead your cock to her pussy and that should do it.

Speaking of the pussy, what makes her really unique to me is that delightful curve of her. Fucking her in doggy style feels FUCKING FANTASTIC due to the feeling applied on your glans. From the front, sensations changes a bit and feels even stronger with all those inner dots.

Now, out of the ass and vagina I have to admit that AS USUAL the vagina is my very favorite ! But don’t get me wrong, the anal feels very good too and it’s very nice to switch between the two ~ it’s just that the tunnel is completly straight so it doesn’t provide as strong sensations as for the vagina.

But I have to say that the inner structure feels really good for once and there is also more space to get fully inside than in the pussy.


I noticed something with her which could actually lead to a real disaster if you were to fuck her pussy the wrong way. Actually and due to that shape leading upward, I occasionally had my dick nearly breaking throughout her belly due to a wrong angle. If I didn’t stop immediately, I could have litteraly disemboweled her tummy… the amount of material at the beginning of the curve is extremely thin, so once your dick will be inserted inside her pussy, be very cautious and gentle ! 

I made a grade-schooler level drawing to show you guys how it could turn bad ~

Besides this trouble, this lolicious pussy made me cum so many times after only a few trust inside her that she quickly became one of my main girl for my daily faping session.

Hopefully onahole can’t get pregnant or I’d be in a big mess right now… oh that’s it Japan ! Next time, I want an onahole with ovulation periods so that if I cum inside her during the good days of the month, she’d get pregnant and then the next morning her belly would start to inflate !

Just joking. What the hell am I even saying ? This doesn’t even make sense…

Well we never know, maybe in a near future something like this will be released on the market xd

Don’t underestimate Japan !

I tried to adjust them but the panties are still a bit big for her… fuck


Cleaning this girl is super easy. Probably the easiest hip to clean in my current collection. Simply pour some tepid water in both the vagina and the ass and wait a few secondes. I even recommand to plug the faucet in each holes in order to flush them properly. Everything will go out through the exit hole. After that, check the insides with your finger and if you still got that “sticky, slimmy sensation” then it means that there are some remnants of lube/sperm/saliva inside so you wanna have to repeat the process once again.

This is the exit hole with the connection vagina/asshole

Drying is simple too. Simply stick a microfiber towel in each of her holes until all the water is gone and that should do it !


To sum it up, I would say that this hip is really good for beginner. It comes along many things, it provides really good stimulation and isn’t too big to hide.

The price range seems quite good too, count between 90€ and 100€ to get your hands on one (shipping included). For a double-holed hip delivered with many accessories and featuring a really good durability, I guess you couldn’t find anything better.

Puni Fuwa Mochi 2000
  • 9/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 9/10
  • 9/10
    Materials and cleaning - 9/10
  • 9/10
    Packaging and addons - 9/10
  • 8/10
    Price - 8/10

Puni Fuwa Mochi 2000

+ Very Nice Artwork + Durable box + Plastic case + plastic bag + Delivered with a pari of panties and a bottle of good lube ! + Good smell + Good material + Feels super sweet to the touch (when talc is applied) + Amazing molding + Cute looking pussy for the doggystyle lovers (like myself) + Nice weight to ensure more realisme (2KG) + Both pussy and ass are connected which makes the cleaning easier + Awesome sensations in both holes (I prefer the pussy) + Allows you to play a lot with her (hand free, dakisex, on a table…) + Reasonable price + Juices don’t leak as I expected + Lolicious shaped pussy with a cute tiny asshole + Very good hip for beginner
– Makes a bit of noise – Be careful when fucking her in the vagina or your might rip open her tummy ! Fuck her in the right angle ! – The box is a bit big so if you want to keep it for storage it might be quite troublesome
User Review
3.56 (9 votes)

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26 Replies to “Puni Fuwa Mochi 2000”

  1. Thanks for the review! I was wondering if you knew what kind of material this is made out of? I tried searching their site and online but I can’t seem to find that information. Thanks!

  2. Hey! I love your review by the way. I’m having a little trouble with mines. I accidentally poured water in the exterior of the onahole and It has this sticky feeling to it. What should I clean it with or what should I do to remove the sticky feeling?

  3. Hi, I’m considering getting this, Ikappara Girl or Sujiman Kuppa Cocolo SE.

    The pros of Ikappara for me is I imagine the larger size would be more satisfying to play with. The cons are that I would press against the edge of where the legs cut off in most positions. I don’t know if that will feel weird! >.< Also she is the most expensive.
    The pros of Cocolo is that she might be easier to use on my lap, with her shape, but the cons are that she's not as pretty as the other two and her smaller butt would be less satisfying to thrust against.
    After reading this, I think I'm considering Mochi 2000 the most, as her design seems the best to try out many different positions, and she looks very cute :3 Good price right now too. However, I'm just concerned about the tummy issue and whether I would make a mess if I cum outside the exit hole.

    How would you compare the feel of Cocolo and Mochi? And I don't think you have Ikappara Girl but how do you think she would compare?

    Thanks for taking the time to read, and great job with your reviews, and to the rest of the team too! They're cute and informative at the same time, which I really enjoy 🙂

    1. Hey there and thanks for your comment and kind words =)
      It’s always nice to get nice feedback with answer like this, that’s why this blog is made for and I’m always willing to help any beginner with onahole and hip.

      So regarding your question, I actually own all 3 of the hips you quoted. Also the Ikappara Girl even though the one I reviewed is from KOKOS a south korean company, but it’s the EXACT same one as ikappara girl both in shape, weight, feelings and material used.


      Actually the Ikappara is not produced any more so I dont think it’s possible to get it now, or maybe I’m wrong I don’t know.

      Actually Toys Heart has just released a new hip called “Sujiman Ikappara” (with cute lolicious camel toe) so I could recommand you this one instead. But it’s brand new in Japan so we have to wait a bit before having a review on the blog. I asked it from OtonaSekai and they agreeded with providing one so stay tuned =)


      Anyway, for me in terms of feeling, Cocolo is my best girl. Actually out of the three she’s my very favorite. Sensations with double layer are always far better than with single one.

      The Meiki Cherry 2 is really good for the shape, that’s for sure. If you love grabing loli butt while fucking her pussy, this one is for you. And yes you can play a lot with it, handfree, dakisex etc… but sensations are weaker to me.

      The Fuwa Mochi 2000 is a bit of a mix. Smaller than the Meiki, but still very cute in its molding and very affordable. The twist in her pussy, where layer is thin, feels just fantastic on your glans even though it’s single layer. Yeah its fragile but seems to hold it fine, a couple of time I saw my glans beneath it barely tearing a hole in the material and still it didn’t break and there are no marks or anything in the inside, I double checked xdd

      Anyway I don’t think I can tell you much about this three product. They all are awesome, and I recommand them all. But then it depends to what you are looking for and your personnal tastes =)

      Here is a new hip from a new brand I’ll be getting and review soon on the blog, it looks so awesome I can’t wait =)


  4. Can you use this in the missionary position or would that angle it badly like you mentioned in the review?

    1. I’m always switching position between doggy and missionary when I’m using her, so yes. Just be careful and that should do it.

  5. When I bought this, I solved the issue of the panties being too big by cutting the sides of the panties and tieing knots on each end to fit the products waist. Untied, it is kind of in the shape of a diaper.

    The result is fantastic. Trust me.

    1. Wow, thank you for your comment! I actually never thought about doing this but I just tried like you explained and it really fits her perfectly 🙂

  6. I’ve never had a hip and I’m extremely tempted to buy one, this is the one that intrigued me the most but after looking around I’m not stuck debating between this or RIARU (Real) Onahip, I can’t seem to find any reviews to it so I’m unsure of quality and stuff, would love some tips ^.^ I’ll probably just dive in for one eventually anyways.

    1. Also I might add that I am considerably large in length and girth so the depth of the RIARU is very appealing.

    1. More realistic would be the SPDX I guess. For the best, well thats a very difficult question. I cant give an answer honestly, both of these pussies are simply amazing.

      Having to choose between the two I’d still go with the SPDX though

  7. This is a bit of a weird question, but is it possible for you to give me the dimensions for the box? I’m trying to decide between the Puni Fuwa Mochi 2000 and the Puni Ana DX Hard, and I have limited storage space that’s away from prying eyes, so that’s going to be a factor.

      1. Well, I ended up getting the Puni Ana DX Hard, but could you still give me the measurements? I might get it in the future.

  8. Hey there. I’ve owned several toys now: A cheap PPP sleeve, Bocca, 17, several RIDE Japan sleeves, Meiki ZXY, Admission, and some other Magic Eyes sleeves I can’t remember off the top of my head.

    Basically, every dual-layered onahole I’ve owned had an early death or eventually gave up. I’m very gentle and relaxed in use with them and cleaning. I’m also a bit below 5 inches – so smaller than the average westerner.

    PPPs material even for a cheap $10 sleeve was outstanding for single layer and this also looks like the most affordable/well-reviewed onahip here, on amazon, and japanese sites.

    Everyone’s tastes are very different of course, but very roughly would you say this is a solid onahole that will at least be on par with some of the hand-sleeves I mentioned? I think one of the main reasons I got lured into this was that I love the hands free feeling on the bed and I don’t like holes that “block” your release when you cum. The open end kind of looks more free for that. I don’t care much for the suction if it’s restrictive. I severely disliked Admission for this reason and a lot of the more tight holes that don’t have a lot of room inside or length to cum freely.

    Sorry for the wordy blogpost, but I’m trying to give a better picture of what my experiences have been. So far this blog’s reviews were pretty close to my experiences (and frustrations) so I appreciate a lot of the work here. Thanks for your time if you’ve read all this.

    PS: I remember I almost bought twins panic, but dual layer turned me off. That one looked awesome.

    1. Thank you for your comment =)

      Apart from the dangerous area inside the vagina, I didn’t notice any other things which could decrease the lifetime of this hip. I mean, if you don’t fuck her like a beast and apply all the basics (washing, powdering, drying…) carefully then she will definitely last for quite a long time.

      As you noticed dual layer product tend to tear and break sooner than those with single layer. For instance, the Kaitai Shinsho was litteraly the worst torso I’ve ever tried in my life… but in my case I still love them because they provide a stronger, better and more realistic feeling than single layered hole.

      Cocolo is simply amazing to fuck, lolinco virgo is litteraly mind blowing, same goes for gokusai she’s wearing a white shirt, dungeon girl’s and other product I haven’t reviewed yet ^^

      Ad I said, from PPP Chibiko Idol Sakura was so good that even with a big tear due to her short insides I still went through the hassle of fixing her so much I loved the sensations she was providing. And now even with the second layer damaged with time she still provides amazing feeling !

      Puni Fuwa Mochi 2000 is for me a safe bet. The only damage I have on mine is a very tiny tear near the asshole, and I own her since february ^^

  9. I need this and the love style 48. I haven’t used a hip for 14 years. The last one i used was a US made one, and it was terrible. After I discovered onaholes back in 2005, I never looked back. I am looking forward to ordering one of these. Thanks for the review.

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