You know, it really didn’t take many of their products to make G Project one of my favorite makers, Ju-C PUTI is the one onahole to make it clear. *click scroll scroll scroll…  click scroll scroll scroll..*  Wait what, only […] Read More


After , , and plenty of other stuff, G-Project just had to do their own little “penis hats”. [shopLinks  otonasekai=37-chu-3 amazonjp=”B00EDDXJA8″ toydemon=”chu-3-masturbator” jpname=”チュッ!” ] Version 1 and 2 are a bit older, not really special. I got version 3 and 4. So… […] Read More


Outvision. Red (1) is hard, blue (2) is soft. Let’s take a look at the soft version. Lots of details. To note since it’s kinda rare: plastic box. What’s written on it in english ? “Feel good. Feels right. Ju-C […] Read More