Seducing Witch

Crafted with love by the happy folks at ToysHeart: Vacuum Warning ~ Seducing Witch ! ToysHeart sure takes it’s time to create awesome stuff, so sometimes they miss interesting deadlines like, for this one, Halloween. Well, there’s no pumpkin anywhere on the packaging, so it’s perfectly okay to sell it afterwards -and post a review…

Sex Machines

VORZE A10 Cyclone SA

Oh man. RENDS. It’s made by RENDS. If you ever cross someone saying that “Japan isn’t the most advanced country in this world”, you’ll have to inflict them a slap across the face, or worse. Look at what they did to polish your dolphin increase masturbation pleasure. The guys at RENDS, they try. They experiment….


Onaho Booster

From PRIME comes this kinda unique universal dual-layer onahole ! At first, let’s study the packaging. .. what’s this loli from the bottom of the sea ? Reminds me of the and the . And the loli wearing a too big shirt, that’s a trademark of G-Project’s professor’s apprentice ! 😈 And her teeth. Uwaaa. What’s…


Trick Girl

Soon, there will be shonens and shojos knocking at your door, saying “trick or treat !”. Goddamn I wish I could review a certain witch onahole instead… Γ€ propos tricking: this is Trick Girl. You decided. But it’s not your fault, internet. You couldn’t know. I’m filled with regret for shoppinglisting this onahole. But let’s…



Eroman ! Finally ! I initially told myself I’ll do this during January, but whoops, February is almost over ! Meanwhile, I had a few ideas for my new reviews πŸ˜› Oh, feel free to click the picture just above, to take a good look at it πŸ™‚ Eroman is an onahole made by Toysheart,…


Breast Melon

Touching, groping, kneading, .. and of course paizuri (tit job). so…  Love Cloud. This and that But also this (which isn’t very relevant, Rikka has still like a B-cup) Not many oppai choice on NLS, it was “Breast Melon” or “Imouto Oppai 2.5D”. I picked the cheapest one, which actually also allows paizuri. And I…


Girl in the Box

I’m not sure what kind of fantasy this is, but Magic Eyes did something for you: they drug girls with sleeping pills, box them up then sell them to sickos around the world. .. Do they ?.. Actually no, look closer: She’s got the key ! She locked herself up all alone ! What an…


R-20 Twenty

R-20. Twenty. Look back at Fifteen. Looks similar outside, huh ? Well, make sure you can tell which one is what, because inside it’s a totally different story. No way a real vagina could twist, bump, rib, groove suck and stroke your thing like this onahole ! It’s fucking art. And oh well you can…

Sex Machines

Greatest Stroker II

Yes, it is what it is: a thing with a moving part inside that “strokes” your thing. Or actually not. Wait for it. How should I review it ? The entrance is so narrow that a full-erected western man can’t enter it, and of course with a soft erection you can’t correctly “press it inside”…


Tenga Flip Hole

Higher class product of Tenga: and I’m tired. :s Just take a look at these commercials for the Flip Lite series: Get it ? open lube close use play with buttons to change stimulation when done, open pass through clear water to clean dry close store And this for 70 times, they say. Oh of…