Metal Pick 4

Made by NLS, a collection of little metal sticks πŸ™‚ How is that related to a sextoy shop ? You’ll find it out real soon… NLS is one of those shops who not only sell sextoys, but also sometimes make their own to meet customer needs. The Metal Picks are as simple as it gets,…

Dildos, P-spot & Vibrators

Prostate Gear Long

They call me Otaku Apologist. Konnichiwa! I am a professional hentai blogger, affiliate marketer, reviewer of perverted games and handy sex toys, the admin-editor of, and the writer and game director of my debut eroge Slave Boys Of Mars. IΒ΄m a nihilist upstart racing for stardom in the western hentai scene, looking to cash…


HEPS Otris

Today, let’s talk about the Otris, a masturbator by Korean company HEPS πŸ™‚ Sometimes, on Onahole Review, we blog about products that are not Japanese. Actually… once before. While Japanese male masturbators are by far the most advanced and colorful of the world, Western companies seem to veeeery slowly entering the fantasy-masturbation market, even if…



Hello fellow fappers, I’m AnonymousD, presenting you PLAYBOY PEPE 360ml, a lube made by PEPE. NLS sent it to me for a review, and here it is! PEPE lubes are definitely my favorites. My favorite lube for a long time was PEPE 360ml, but then I found about Stubborn Wet Meiki’s Lube 360ml. Right now,…


NLS Original Masturbator

Hello folks, today let’s talk about the NLS Original Masturbator ! Quick note: on NLS’ Japanese website, this onahole is named “Mada namae ga arimasen” β†’ “Doesn’t have a name yet”. This is a bit odd since this onahole was released in October 2009… still no name ?! “NLS Original Masturbator” is perfectly fine I…

Sex Machines

VORZE A10 Cyclone SA

Oh man. RENDS. It’s made by RENDS. If you ever cross someone saying that “Japan isn’t the most advanced country in this world”, you’ll have to inflict them a slap across the face, or worse. Look at what they did to polish your dolphin increase masturbation pleasure. The guys at RENDS, they try. They experiment….



You like it strong and tight ? A-One made something for you: ZEX IBO TORNADO πŸ™‚ Okay, let’s get blown up in the air by this thing. Short note about the entrance: it could have been a bit more convenient, squeezing and pushing inside while using both hands, well.. Not so great. The inside seems…

Sex Machines

A10 Cyclone

EDIT nov. 18, 2014: here comes , make sure to check it out ! Ladies and gentlemen, please allow me to introduce you this new technology of flashlight-lantern using Japan’s best LED-light expertise ! The sun goes down, the days get shorter, and you need to lighten your doorway for your family to come over…


Rope Saotome flow

A rope ! A rope made for sexy games commonly called “bondage”. And since Japan is very famous for it’s bondage tradition, it happens I got interested in this too. Choose your favorite color: black or red. Then, please follow the guidelines: Note: the rope is actually longer (little over 9 meters), big western people…


Virgin Cup

Take any other disposable onahole. Even the Tako Musume is better. . Let’s illustrate: By the way yes it’s too tight for westies, and the too small hole doesn’t allow the air to flow in/out quick enough which greatly ruins stroking pleasure and is noisy. Pure should be like this inside, very similar to a…