HEPS Otris

Today, let’s talk about the Otris, a masturbator by Korean company HEPS 🙂 Sometimes, on Onahole Review, we blog about products that are not Japanese. Actually… once before. While Japanese male masturbators are by far the most advanced and colorful […] Read More

A10 Cyclone

EDIT nov. 18, 2014: here comes , make sure to check it out ! Ladies and gentlemen, please allow me to introduce you this new technology of flashlight-lantern using Japan’s best LED-light expertise ! The sun goes down, the days get […] Read More

Rope Saotome flow

A rope ! A rope made for sexy games commonly called “bondage”. And since Japan is very famous for it’s bondage tradition, it happens I got interested in this too. Choose your favorite color: black or red. Then, please follow […] Read More

Virgin Cup

Take any other disposable onahole. Even the Tako Musume is better. . Let’s illustrate: By the way yes it’s too tight for westies, and the too small hole doesn’t allow the air to flow in/out quick enough which greatly ruins […] Read More