Loli Puni Sisters

Hello fellow fappers, I’m AnonymousD, presenting you “Loli Puni Sisters“, an onahole made by TamaToys! Let’s get into the review! What do you prefer? Blonde lolis or blue-haired lolis? Or why not both? 😀 Loli Puni Sisters are two lolis who’d like to have a threesome with you, all they care is to squeeze your…


Futanari Musume

  Konnichiwa, kouhais! Otaku Apologist is my name, social media my game. My liberal therapist told me I have a chronic case of internalized homophobia. His suggestion for a cure was suicide, but I figured I´d try something else! Behold! The cure to homophobia; the hermaphrodite onahole! Futanari Musume Double Hole! PACKAGING This girl ain´t…


Sakura The Small Idol

Hello fellow fappers, I’m AnonymousD, presenting you Sakura The Small Idol, made by OutVision. NLS sent it to me for a review, so let’s begin! Hell yeah, another loli! And yes, OutVision again! They’re experts in making lolicious onaholes 😀First off, here is the box art: Isn’t that a frikin’ cute loli?! With that tiny…


Ona Beat 2nd Gig

Today, something special. One of my very first onahole, but I never blogged about it. Until now. Usually, I don’t look in the past. The present and the future are already enough to handle, and there’s stuff I just don’t wanna recall. But then, on a random occasion, the past just pops up, and you…


Fuwa Cyun W

Ladies and gentlemen, today let’s talk about the long-awaited Fuwa Cyun W, sent to me by NST ! Fuwa Cyun W has been requested by many of you since the March poll, and me too I kept an eye on it since the preorders opened, aaaand G-Project kinda underestimated the demand and quickly ran out…


Ikappara Girl

Hello fellow fappers, I’m AnonymousD, presenting you Ikappara Girl, an onahole made by Toy’s Heart! NLS sent it to me for a review, and here it is! Unfortunately, there is no story on the NLS site, neither I could get a translation for “Ikappara”, so there is not much I can say about that part….

Banned in Russia

Puni Ana DX hard

Finally ! 100 onahole reviews in two and half years later: Puni Ana DX hard is my first “onahip” ! Thank you NLS for this new year’s extra 🙂 I took me lots of time to review this one, since I never had a large onahole / onahip before, and.. my current living circumstances didn’t…


Twins Panic

Selected by you and sent by NLS, here is PPP’s Twins Panic onahole ! Ooooh damn. When I saw it hitting the market, I was like: Yeah no, my nose didn’t bleed but I felt a sudden blood rush at my crotch and I had some trouble putting my jaws back in place. PPP was…