Futanari Musume

  Konnichiwa, kouhais! Otaku Apologist is my name, social media my game. My liberal therapist told me I have a chronic case of internalized homophobia. His suggestion for a cure was suicide, but I figured I´d try something else! Behold! […] Read More

Fuwatoro Sheep

Hello fellow fappers, I’m AnonymousD, presenting you a new onahole called “Fuwatoro Sheep“, made by PPP! I got this onahole from the PPP Happy Box, and here is the review. I’m not sure if the “official english name” would be […] Read More

Nekomimi Maonyan

Konnichiwa, kouhais! I am The Otaku Apologist, The Hentai Hustler, the cum-obsessed writer-entrepreneur running otakusexart.tumblr.com. My market research has shown that cat girls are pop. Ergo, here´s my review of Nekomimi Maonyan, a cat girl onahole! PACKAGING The package is […] Read More

Maid in Fella

“My mouth ? Sure yes, goshujinsama !”, as your maid bends forward and welcomes you in her wet mouth. ToysHeart with a fellatio-onahole for all masters out there, and provided by NLS ! Maids. A traditional fantasy in otaku culture […] Read More